Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Animal Wednesday

It has been a while since I did an animal Wednesday, in the last week these are the critters I have seen, a horn toad with still a lot of dirt on him from crawling out of his hole and a sweet quail. I also saw a coyote, but was not able to get a photo because I wanted to watch her and not miss a minute by running for my camera.
In other animal news, Bella is surviving the thunder we are having nearly every afternoon, she still hates it and I hope that the prozac kicks in more, but I have seen a bit of a difference in her, so I think it is starting to affect her, I am hopeful that soon the thunder will be nothing. Keep your fingers crossed.
By the way the thundershirt has no effect on her :-(.
P.S. This is the last week for my sale in my ETSY shop, 15% off everything! HAW! XOXO


Unknown said...

love the "Horney Toad", had one that kept to our yard in Houston, Tx! Thunder bothers our dog, but we have not gone to medicine yet - hope everything continues some of youir new art you have been showing

Annie said...

Joey, Thank you! Lovely to see you, I hope all is well with you too. xoxo

Barbara/myth maker said...

Lovely wildlife pics.
Poor Bella. I think it's good you're seeing some kind of difference, though. Maybe it will get even better. I hope so.

Lori ann said...

annie, thank you so much for everything, all your kind words and those gorgeous pendants. they will be loved i am sure. i'll do my best to get photos. thank you again.
love, lori

studio lolo said...

I couldn't tell that was a quail at first. I love them! I miss seeing them. There were so many of them scurrying in calif.

Glad Bella is doing better. The Thundershirt works for Emma, but not completely at first. I have to hold her until she calms down. We'll be getting out first storms very soon.

I love that you sent pendants to Lori for Africa. You are so sweet.


annie said...

Barbara, I hope so too :-).xoxo

Lori,You are welcome, it is so wonderful to think about all those pockets going to Africa :-).xoxo

Lo, It is a blury photo as I was far away when I took it. I have tried the thundershirt for a zillion times, and hugging Bella does not calm her, she is in a total state of panic. The storms are here and they are early. I hope that the prozac works better as this is better, but not good enough.
I loved sending the pendants and love the thought of where they are going.Had I known about this earlier I would have made some special, but clay takes weeks, so I just sent what I had. Lovely to see you here.xoxo

Kelly M said...

Does the Thundershirt really have a 100% money back guarantee? Hope you can get a refund if it totally did not work.

becky said...

I love horny toads! :)
We have not been getting much thunder... you must be getting it all :)
this new blogger format & all the white screen is bugging my eyes! glad bella is at least a little better :)

kj said...

Hello Annie. Hello Bella. Hello critters and erotic toads

Take care if yourself. I'm sending you a grin. Do with it what you will :-)

Houseelf said...

Amazing pics. The toad could be prehistoric!

Have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy. I have heard it is good and safe for dogs.