Sunday, April 29, 2012


Bella got bite by a rattle snake this morning on our hike, she is at the vets. The vet says they rarely lose a dog to this, so I am not horribly worried, but please pray or think good thoughts just for good measure. I will update this post as I know more.
Thank you.
*Update: Bella is drugged up and sleeping, with fluids, I maybe able to pick her up at 7 this evening.
I will be doing fluids and drugs for the next week if all goes well. Keep praying :-).
**Update, Monday morning. Bella had a rough night with the pain and we did not get much sleep, but we had an early vet visit this morning and my zen vet says she is doing well, Bella is very swollen and unhappy, but she will make it. She will be on meds for the next few weeks, but should be back to her old self by Friday. And hikes by the weekend, Yay! However after hiking out where I have been going for 12 years without ever seeing a snake, we will be going to the woods from now on as the vet says there are no rattlers out there, of course there are bears and big cats, so I am not sure which is better! It is either that or she stays on lead and we stay on the road. I don't blame Bella, she was just doing what she does and I don't blame the snake it was just protecting itself, I am the one at fault for putting them both in harms way.
She is sleeping and eating and all is well. Keep thinking good thoughts though as she is in a lot of pain.
Thank you for your love and caring. Happy Monday! XOXO


Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh no! Poor Bella. I do hope she is alright.

Judy Shreve said...

Oh no - poor Bella - I am praying for a speedy complete recovery!
And I am so thankful you are alright.
Keep me posted.

kj said...

how scary! were you scared, annie?

prayers in abundance, for sure


Annie said...

Thank you Barbara, Judy and KJ, Yes I was scared! And I am lucky I was not bite as well because I rushed in before I even knew what it was, I was thinking horn toad.
I was scared until my very calm and relaxed zen vet told me all was well :-).Funny how all my spiritual training just goes out the window in times like this :-). xoxo

sukipoet said...

many prayers for Bella. Goodness. A rattlesnake is a scary guy. hope Bella is okay.

~Babs said...

Oh how AWFUL!
Sure hope she's doing okay, Annie, and I'm so glad you realized in time what it was!
I just hate snakes. We had a copperhead in our sunroom closet,,,before we realized there was a very small crack in the baseboard,which allowed access.
Did I say I hate snakes?
Keep us posted,,,,many prayers!

Lori ann said...

sending prayers and love annie, bella has to be okay. i worry about rattlers and pets on our trails here too. so scary.

yoborobo said...

Holy cow, Annie! That is so scary! I hope she's going to be okay. I worry about my kids and my animals - we have copperheads and rattlers here, too. Hang tough! xox

mermaid gallery said...

That must be so frightening! Rattlesnakes are really scary! So glad you didn't get bit too! I sure hope Bella is ok!!!!!

Annie said...

Thanks everyone for your love and prayers, I will update after her morning vet visit. xoxo

Unknown said...

reading your posts, i never forget that as much beauty as there is there, theree is also danger. Neveer had to deal with a bite tho...prayers for you are your Bella!

Kate P said...

Poor little Bella! Prayers from me and The Cat.

Laura said...

oh your poor sweet glad she is healing Annie.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh that's too bad and I'm glad she's healing. But it's not your fault either - some things just aren't predictable.