Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Small Painting

This is a little 6"x 6", Venetian plaster, oil stick and graphite on board. "Big Red", I decided I am keeping this one because I really like it :-). Your thoughts are always appreciated.

Today, I am working on my porcelain book, having great fun and if all goes well, I will finish it by next weekend and will be able to show you.

Life is grand.

Happy weekend! XOXO


Lynn Cohen said...

I like it too. Texture, form, sides, the whole kit and kaboodle.

Jos said...

Ah poor grey ... it gets a bad press but not here!!! I love the way it provides more than contrast because it holds it's own too.

It's funny because red is said to depict anger and other deep emotions and yet here it is projecting warmth and ... yes joy!!! Love it.

T'is Sunday morning here Annie. Happy Sunday! Lots of love n hugs xx Jos

Judy Shreve said...

Annie - I love it - color, texture, composition. It does make you just happy to look at it. And isn't it wonderful to fall in love with your own work enough to keep it?! Happy indeed!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I like the textures of both (this and the precious post).

yoborobo said...

Whoa - that red is really glowing! I love the play of gray and red. You have, as usual, managed to achieve balance without making it feel stagnate. Keep any eye on that red, Annie, I wouldn't be surprised if it moved. :)) xox

Annie said...

Lynn, Thank you so much. xoxo

Jos, Yes, I was a bit afraid to go with grey :-), but took the risk.
Your comments always make me smile.
Happy Sunday dear Jos. xoxo

Judy, Thank you for your sweet comment, I do feel a bit attached to this one :-). xoxo

Secret Agent, thank you, glad you like. xoxo

Annie said...

Pam, You made me laugh :-). Always love your comments. xoxo

angela recada said...

Wow Annie! This *feels* so much larger than 6x6. I've always liked the simplicity of black/white/red, too, and the red here really pops. I like this - a LOT!

kj said...

i can;t say this is a favorite, annie, but i know that's okay because you asked and because you have so many positive comments. i like the way the sphere pulsates, but just not my colors, perhaps.....


Annie said...

Angela, Thank you sweetie.xoxo

Kj, I have been painting since I was 8, I never expect everyone to like everything :-). Honesty is appreciated. xoxo