Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Painting

This painting has been done for a while, but I just got it photographed.

A friend gave me a bunch of oil paint, I have been having a lot of fun with it, this piece was half finished when I got the paints, so it is half acrylic and half oils with graphite thrown in. 12" x 12"

with 2" inch sides. Titled "The tempest #2". If you click on the image to enlarge you will get a much better idea of the actual piece, I have included two detail close ups. I always love your input. I like this painting, but I don't love it and often I will do a painting over, this board has been 4 paintings, plaster is easy to do over, I simply re plaster or I wipe the paint away with alcohol. Not sure if this one will make the grade.

Thank you everyone who commented on the last post, Bella is starting Prozac tomorrow, I will

let you know how it goes.

Happy Sunday!!!


becky said...

Hi Annie, Happy Sunday.
I like this one a lot. I know it is abstract to you... but I see a landscape in it. A dark moon over the mountain & a wildly colorful sky... and you know how I feel about mountains & sky :)
Hope the prozac helps Bella- she's such a sweet dog & has clearly been through a lot.

kj said...

i'm really liking the depth in the colors, annie. i can envision this one in your next gallery show, which, by the way, you certainly deserve with your recent work.

fingers crossed for bella. gosh i hope the prozac works.


Annie said...

becky, I do see the landscape, even if it was not on purpose :-).
Happy Sunday to you too. xoxo
Kj, Thank you for the well wishes, from your mouth to the Universe's ears :-).xoxo

Lori ann said...

more beauty, love this one too. good luck with your bella, if the drug helps, it seems like the best thing to do. or worth a try for sure. xx

marianne said...

Hope the prozac will work for her.
beautiful painting Annie :)

sukipoet said...


sukipoet said...

the previous was just testing re: robot thing before I wrote a comment. I like this very much, i dont recall you using red that much, but I like it. Hope Bella does well on the prozac. Happy Spring

Judy Shreve said...

Annie, I like this painting - so much depth. I see a mountain and the moon and I want to just keep looking to see what else I find . . . .

Wishing the best for Bella - sure hope the Prozac is just what she needs.

angela recada said...

I love all your art, Annie, and your gorgeous abstracts are becoming more and more complex. I love complexity of color and texture, so I love this piece. It looks like a landscape to me, too. I can see that it's influenced by your gorgeous surroundings.
Good luck to you and Bella!

ArtPropelled said...

Fingers crossed that the Prozac does the trick. Lovely rich layered painting Annie!

Suzanne said...

I like this painting. It seems to me that you're going deeper and deeper into some creative part of yourself. There's a lot of calm strength in this one. It's open to the emotions and very calm and strong about being open. Me likee!

About Bella. I look for natural solutions to every condition, but...

I was in the hospital about two weeks ago and in a lot of pain. They gave me an anti-nausea drug then someone said they liked another one better and asked if I wanted it. Sure! Morphine! Yes!! They also gave me a muscle relaxant. Fine by me! And it worked out SO well. A long term problem resolved itself when I was in there a couple of days.

Bella may be like me and just need to take the edge off so the loving Universe within her can bring her what she needs.

You're doing the right things and following the call of Love to where you and Bella need to be.

Annie said...

Suzanne, so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital and in pain!
Sending many hugs and much love.xoxo

~Babs said...

We like it, sure,,,but only you know if it really feels finished.
Some very nice colors and layering.

Hope the prozac does it's job,,,,and maybe eventually she won't need it, poor baby!

Kelly said...

I like this one a lot, too. For me, it is more organic than what you normally do, and organic appeals to me a great deal. I like lines and shapes that could be from nature. The color is intense but in a good way.

Houseelf said...

This feels almost like textiles to me- layers and layers of muslin -almost lace like. It has a calmness rather than a joyfulness to it.

studio lolo said...

Annie, I really like this painting! It evokes a cold, dark planet with fire ementating from behind it. Really nice! And I love the color harmony.

If Bella needs drugs to help her through, so be it. I know from experience what terror and fear feel like. Sometimes we have to have the right drugs on board to give us quality of life. Bless her heart. I hope it helps!


lubna said...

I like it, it is the eclipsed sun, it signifies how our thoughts often get shrouded and it is essential to break free - to have an open mind, to enjoy the colours of life.
I am not sure if homeopathy would help.....I have a friend who gives her dog homoepathy medicine but she was lucky to find a doctor who was a dog lover. Over the counter homeopathy medicine may not be that good. Magnesium phosphate helps.
See this url
She gives her dog four tiny pills of magnesium phosphate everyday.
Hugs to Bella.

Jos said...

I just had to come back and comment on this one too Annie. Do you know the Hubble telescope? It is in orbit and takes pictures deep into the universe ... it captures images that have a truly magical feel to them. I sometimes physically tingle when I look at them. Well ... this is what your painting here reminds me of.

There is something truly magical about your work lately Annie. I think you are letting your passion out and it really shows up. Fan-bloody-tastic! Huge hug xx Jos