Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding Great Joy in Small Wonders

I thought I would share some small pleasures with you:

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery is one of the most wonderful books I have ever read and that is saying a lot. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Note, it is not about hedgehogs :-).

Bored to Death on HBO. I don't get TV (no cable or satellite), but my friend W puts this series on DVD for me and I love it. Be warned there is sex and drugs, but it has a sweetness that runs through it and it is FUNNY!!!! HBO just cancelled it though. Poop.

My Tumblr blog

Painting is of course one of my favorite joys and I am working on many.
I have decided to send for a light cube, so hopefully soon I can start sharing some of what I have been doing.

Have a most wonderful weekend!!!


Lori ann said...

annie, i have that book and still havent read it. now it's going to the top of the queue.
and bored to death!! its my favorite show. i found it right after my youngest moved to nyc a year and half ago. i loved it because it's filmed in brooklyn (where she lives now). but then i fell in love with the show. now i have every episode on my ipad. a brilliant show!!
zach g. is one of my very favorites too!

ArtPropelled said...

The book is going onto my wish list. Thanks for sharing your small pleasures Annie. My small pleasure at the moment is Pinterest. Its like a filing cabinet for Tumblr images where everything is categorized. I said I wouldn't be caught again (after too many hours on Tumblr) but guess what?

Judy Shreve said...

'Hedgehog' - one of my favorite books! And I love your tumblr blog - and mine. I love tumblr because it's so visual - a nice respite from reading so many blogs - restful - satisfying . . .
Hardly ever watch tv - but I will try and find the HBO series on Hulu or Roku.
I've been invited to Pinterest but have resisted because I felt it would be toooooo time consuming in my already lost internet world. Do you think it's worth it?
Annie let me know how you like the photo cube. Think you will love it - and I'm looking forward to more pics of your work!

Mim said...

Going yo look into the book and the show - love to get recommendations like this.

(gotta figure out tumblr!)

sukipoet said...

I read Hedgehog quite some time ago and also have the CD of it being read aloud. I listen to it often as i too love it so much.

I basically dislike the extended catharsis of TV shows. I like a good movie as it is over in two hours and the catharsis has come. LOL

Annie said...

Lori, I knew you were a kindred spirit. I wish we were neighbors
:-). Read that book!!! I watch BTD over and over, whenever I feel the least bit down, it picks me right up.xoxo
Robyn, what is this pinterest? I am afraid to know as I have my hands full and don't think I have time for one more thing :-).xoxo
Judy, I agree and I also knew you were a kindred spirit right away.
I don't know about pinterest, but i am with you on not wanting to have one more thing that calls to my attention, there are only so many hours in a day! I will let you know when I get my light cube! I am ordering it this weekend.xoxo
Mim, Tumblr is dead easy, look at images, click on reblog, post done :-).
Suki, it is the extended catharsis that I like about it and there are tv shows now that are better than movies, but movies are my favorite and I am running out of good tv shows as the good ones all get cancelled and there are not too many. xoxo

yoborobo said...

Okay, I need to watch BTD and read Hedgehog! :) As for Pinterest, I seriously cannot add one more thing to my arty list, or I will get nothing done at all. I love Flickr, but haven't been adding images like I used to. xoxo!

Lubna said...

Sounds like a nice book. I've been viewing Dharma & Greg on You Tube these days.
Currently I am reading Unusual people do things differently, written by an Indian author TGC Prasad and like it very much.
Happy painting. Can't wait for you to get the cube so that we can see your paintings. fi

~Babs said...

Annie, I just had the joy of watching the Georgia OKeeffe video on your Tumblr. Thank you for that, I'd never seen it!

kj said...

where have i been? the book and the show are new to me. but now that i know, i will chase some of this joy for myself.

you sound good, annie. that makes me glad too.

enjoy. do you swing your arms wide when you make some of those paint strokes? i imagine you do....



Annie said...

Pam, I am with you, no time for more visuals!xoxo
Lubna, That book sounds interesting. I can't wait to show you the new paintings!xoxo
Babs, There is a whole movie, pretty old, but I am sure you can find it, it started me on my journey to Taos, she is why I came here in the first place :-). xoxo
Kj, I just happened upon the book and BTD, and I am really glad I did.
I am good :-), never better.
My arms are open wide a lot :-).
Love. xoxo

Kelly M said...

That's one drawback to having eccentric (exquisite) taste: one's favourites are often canceled.

Annie said...

Kelly, :-).xoxo

Silke Powers said...

Annie, I read this book a couple of years ago and just LOVED it! It was so beautifully written... Now it's on Daniel's "to read" pile.

I've not yet seen Bored to Death and will put in in our Netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation!!

And I'll have to check out your blog on Tumblr!

Hope you are doing great!! Hugs, Silke

Silke Powers said...

P.S. I've got a picture of your little vase on my blog today... :)

secret agent woman said...

I'll have to check to see if BTD is on Netflix.

But I may be the only person in the world who found Hedgehogs unreadable. I was so put off two chapters in, I just quit.

Annie said...

Silke,Nice to see you :-) and thank you for the shout out.xoxo

Secret agent, I must say I am shocked as Hedgehog is in my top ten best books list and I despair to read another book now for a while as I will be comparing it. You may not like BTD either, I tend to be quirky in the things I love. xoxo

secret agent woman said...

I tend to have quirky tastes, too, but something about the writing in that one grated for me. I checked - BTD on DVD but not streaming. Yet. But I made a note and I'll go back.