Monday, January 23, 2012

Ramblings of an Artist

Be in love with your life. Every detail of it.
—Jack Kerouac

I have lately been noticing and coming to terms with the fact that I am an oddball.
I took one of my small paintings to the Millicent Rogers Museum for a miniture show next month and I saw paintings of chickens and barns and sunsets and here I was with an abstract that had nothing to do with anything except my imagination.
Reading a blogger's post about London and the comments are full of people who have been there many times, due to lack of money most of my life I have never been to Europe, but I will, watch me I will!
Reading another blogger's post about her daughter's wedding, I thought to myself, I have never been married, never had kids, it just never worked out that way and now I don't even want to get married and it is too late for children even if I had ever wanted them. I have been in love before and for that I am very grateful even if it ended up sad.
In this world I am an odd woman out. But you know I would not change any of it. I have had experiences that few will ever have and some that are unique to just me. My life has been full of paint, and love and friends and joy and spirit.
Most of my choices have all been around the fact that painting has been the most important thing to me. Yes, I love my family and friends and my animals, but art and painting and now clay, they keep me balanced and sane and very happy.
I just needed to say that. Thank you for listening.
Happy Monday! XOXO


marianne said...

Every one leads a different life there is no one way . So oddball or not important is that you are happy with what is on your path.
Some people have all those other things marriage kids etc etc money trips etc. but that is no guaranty to happiness either.
You just be a happy odd ball dear! We need them too otherwise life would be very boring.

Annie said...

Marianne, You are right, no two lives are the same, but the norm is to get married, have children, and all that goes with that. You are also right that trusting self and being happy are the most important things. xoxo

Laurie Wambaugh said...

Because you are you is why I love you Sister!

Annie said...

Laurie, Thank you :-). Love you too.xoxo

sukipoet said...

It's true we all have different paths, but the traditional one is as you say, to get married etc. However, there are many women who have not taken that pathway. We just only sometimes here about them.

You have taken a path of courage and wended your own way. So nice to cheer yourself on, so we can cheer you on.

Judy Shreve said...

Hooray to you for listening to your own heart and not following the 'traditional-female' path! I'm sure you had many people try and talk you out of your choices.

I didn't marry til my mid thirties and adopted my son at 40. Yes, we all lead different lives and there's happiness and sadness and glimpses of lives well lived in all of them.

Hope you are happy - you and your art and your sharing of yourself all make me happy!

kj said...

annie, i have to say, reading this, that i am so glad and appreciative that we have met in person, clicked our cups together, seen how we smile. i read your words here and they are so wistful, so honest, so genuine, that all i can really add is that i am honored to know who you are.

and who you are is a beacon. beacons do best when they're not crowded or confined, right?


Mim said...

We all lead our own lives, there is no "norm" as far as I'm concerned, I think we are all little satellites bouncing around each other -

yoborobo said...

An oddball is the ONLY way to be, my friend! And viewing the world with an artist's eye - can it get better than that? I think not! There are a million things I haven't done, and most likely will never do. Eh. I enjoy the times I can listen to music and make art, or I get lost writing a story. Traveling takes all forms. :)) xox

Annie said...

Suki, Thank you.xoxo

Judy, Oh I am the happiest person I know :-). Knowing you makes me happy too. xoxo

Kj, You made me tear up. I am glad to know you too and yes, beacons sort of need to stand alone :-).
Love you. xoxo

Mim, You made me smile. xoxo

Pam, You are so very wise.xoxo

Lori ann said...

dear annie, i feel i could write a book on what you've just said. but for simplicitys sake i'll just say you are not an oddball (i don't believe in that). and anyway, it could be me. for many years when my babies were young i was the odd one. none of my friends had children and here i was with five.

i don't know why things happen the way they do, but in the end, we are still so very much alike, women on a path, trying to be the best we can.
and i love kerouac.

Jos said...

We oddballs must stick together Annie!!

I loved reading this ... loved reading the joy and simple appreciation you have for what you have. And what you have is a very real gift for painting.

It's funny you know because I didn't even realise that your paintings are abstract. To me you paint emotions, they have depth and shape and hue. Your paintings make me smile, or feel wistful, sometimes sad even ... but they always ellicit an emotional response. As I said I think you have quite a gift Annie.

Sometimes less is more. I have few friends but those I have are pure gold. You amongst them, and I can't wait til you come to Europe!!! We will have fun, and I prrrrromise to be well behaved in the art galleries ...

Big hug and Happy Tuesday!! xx Jos

Annie said...

Lori, Perhaps everyone feels this way :-). I do think we are very much alike too.xoxo
Jos, You are one of the reasons I will get to Europe sooner than later! I can't promise I'll behave in the art galleries :-).
Love you.xoxo

Annie said...

P.S. Jos, I love that you "get" my paintings. It means the world to me.xoxo

Secret Agent Woman said...

Even though I've done some of the conventional things (marriage, children), I still feel like an oddball in other ways. But I'm okay with that - makes life more interesting.

Marion said...

Such honest, true words, Annie, and I'll join you in the oddball department. Mine's a little different from yours, but still strange, all in all. But the other day I decided I'm happy in my weirdnesses...and that's all that really matters these days.

I've always loved your paintings and seem to be able to feel what emotion you're expressing. Your paintings make me feel good! xx

becky said...

Well Annie, you know I can relate. Sometimes at work I get tired of hearing about babies & husbands, etc, LOL. It is refreshing for me to meet people like you (& me) who have chosen a different path. Rather than 'oddball,' I call it 'UNIQUE!'

angela recada said...
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mermaid gallery said...

living a life of creativity is a blessing...forget all that realism...your paintings touch me...and that is not easy to do!...I'm your newest follower and admirer!