Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sneak Peek

I wanted to show you the actual completed paintings, but no matter what I do I can't get a good photo, and even working in photo shop I can't seem to make the photos look right, the last post I did, the photo does not look like the painting, it is an awful photo actually and it frustrates me, so I don't want to show anymore paintings until I can get a good shot. I take them outside in natural light I put them all over the yard with different backgrounds and nothing works. The ones I take inside are worse! I have a nice canon Power Shot and it should take good photos. I can get detail photos though, so for lack of anything else to show I am posting closeups of 2 new paintings.

If anyone (Lori, Becky) has any pointers for taking good shots please share.

I will eventually be getting professional photos done before I take them to a gallery to show.

So after a frustrating couple hours working on this I am now going to give up and go paint!

Happy Sunday!



Suzanne said...

You are just so very talented! I just love your art!

Judy Shreve said...

Love this work & would love to see your completed paintings.
As a potter I used to take photos all the time to get in to shows. I built a light box with a simple frame and muslim and used a shop light (home depot) above for lighting. I used a tripod & a canon camera.
I used that set-up for years until finally I have a light cube & boom lights.
If you wan't more specifics on building a light box just email me.

Judy Shreve Shreve said...

Oops - make that 'muslin' not a religious light box lol

sukipoet said...

the closeups are great and tantalizing. hey, maybe i can come to NM and see them in person!

Lynn Cohen said...

I hear your frustration. IF i shoot indoor I get a yellow tone; sometimes outdoors depending on the weather or time of day gives a gray over cast shot. Flash can be better or worse depending and not sure what it depends on. LOL But this has been my frustration of late. Yesterday I posted and posted both that were entirely different looks in color from indoors and out. go figure! good luck if you do a light box. That sounded interesting and probably complicated.

Annie said...

Suzanne, Thank you so much.xoxo

Judy, Thank you, you made me laugh. I left a comment on your blog, I would love more details.xoxo

Suki, If you don't mind sleeping on a futon or furballs I would love you to visit :-). xoxo

Lynn, I find indoors always has that yellow tone and the flash never helps. Sometimes I can get a good shot out doors, but not lately. Good luck, glad to know I am not the only one :-). xoxo

Lori ann said...

these are awesome annie. i think your photos do show, even if the camera can't quite capture the whole truth, the essense is still there and they look lovely!

if you can always choose natural light (no flash) and opposite to outdoor photos advice, midday light is best (most white then). if you can, set your camera to it's lowest iso setting (80-100).
setting the exposure also will help if you overexpose for white and underexpose for dark art. your camera manual should help with that. good luck, and keep painting and snapping!

marianne said...

I understand your frustration Annie. I always take pictures outside when my paintings are finished, but still sometimes the colors show up differently..........
Maybe you have to change some settings in your camera?
The close ups look wonderful to me:)

Annie said...

Lori and Marianne, Thannk you for your help. I think I have to find my settings and then I may buy a light box. I look forward to having good clean photos for you soon :-). xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

Yes I know about photo frustration! I stopped taking photos of my carvings because they were so awful. The better photos are usually taken outside when the sun dips in the late afternoon. These detail shots look lovely. I'm reminded of Paul Klee's quote about taking a line for a walk.

~Babs said...

Photos are hard!
Seems I have better luck in the summer,,,outdoors in the shade, but that's no help, I know.
The close-up shots do look awesome though.

Annie said...

Robyn, Funny you say that because the titles are "Walk About" and "We Can Get There From Here"
:-). So taking lines for a walk is what I seem to be doing.xoxo

Babs, Yes, I get better shots in the Summer, my yard gets very little sun in the Winter which is partly why I am having trouble right now.xoxo

becky said...

It is hard to photograph art. The light box idea I think is the way to go... it's the trick on how to place the lighting... but you can play with it. Agree also w/ shooting w/ a low exposure- no flash. I have been wanting to do a studio set up, but haven't gotten around to it. good luck!

studio lolo said...

My 35mm camera was better at pics than this digital one. I just shoot and cross my fingers! Sometimes it works and other times, not.

These look wonderful from what I can see. I love the layers!

Annie, thanks so much for the Christmas card. it meant a lot!


rc truck said...

I like this paintings.It look so different and extra ordinary work in this picture.