Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coyote! Animal Wednesday (On Thursday)

I am sorry some of these photos are blurry, I was snapping as fast as I could and this coyote was moving around. I have been seeing a lot of coyotes lately. Not sure what's up.
Happy Thursday and don't forget that I am having a sale and free shipping in the US in my ETSY shop until Monday the 6Th, see the 2 posts below for details. XOXO


Jos said...

Must be pretty tricky to take a picture of coyotes Annie. They move really fast! Are they considered pests? We have a lovely fox that visits our garden quite regularly. Sometimes I catch sight of him/her vanishing through the fence into the small wood next to our house. I've not yet been quick enough with the camera to take a photo, but I live in hope.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx Jos

studio lolo said...

Looks to me like they're eating well! Usually they look so scrawny.
Funny too, that there is a pair of them. Coyotes usually work alone.
I hope the calf will be okay.
Survival of the fittest I suppose.

I hope you're feeling a bit of the holiday spirit. I'm trying real hard!


ExtraO said...

Cool pics.

sukipoet said...

That is a big guy for sure. I agree w/ Lo, on the Cape the Coyotes were thin. i saw one up here, thin too, but running fast across the meadow like he had an important meeting somewhere.

Kate P said...

That's interesting--I just saw a coyote on a TV program today, and he/she was moving pretty fast, too!

Happy weekend, Annie!

Anonymous said...

Well done getting any pics at all of moving animals!

Are you about to have a change in the weather so coyotes are moving onto different land?

Marion said...

I love seeing photos of Coyote. Have you checked on the internet as to what Coyote is trying to tell you? You've been seeing many of them lately.

This coyote looks as if he has his winter coat. That makes them look bigger, sleeker, and better fed, even if it's not the case. He's a beauty, for sure.

marianne said...

How exciting this is! Such a great picture story!

Have a wonderful weekend Annie!