Saturday, December 11, 2010

Show and Tell

Are you all as crazy busy as me? I am sure you are! These are some the last of my ceramic pieces until I dive into painting for at least a month. All but two will be making their way to my ETSY site. The little cup with the chunk missing was a gift I made for my mom, but my cat max broke it within ten minutes of it coming home from the kiln :-( and the boxes lid is warped, porcelain does that when it gets too thin, note to self:Make lids thicker! This weekend I am deep in Christmas card making and making out and wrapping and well, you know, CHRISTMAS! It is almost here. Note to self:Remember to breath :-). Happy Saturday! XOXO


kj said...

awww, that broken piece made me sad. :(

annie, thank you again SO MUCH for auctioning one of my favorite paintings of yours to help Z. i'm glad it went to the exactly right person. :)

Annie said...

Kj-The broken cup broke my heart, but it is only a cup and I can make another, not in time for Christmas however.
You are so welcome, I wish I could give more. Let Z know that a lot of love comes with the money.

Jos said...

What lovely pieces of work Annie. And such a shame about the chip. Perhaps your mother will be happy with a picture of what her present will look like? My brother did that one year when he was furiously trying to finish a piece of artwork for her birthday and hadn't quite got it done, dusted, wrapped and sent in time for the big day. Just an idea.

Your parcel is still on it's way. England comes to a complete standstill in the snow. Fear not though, there is a thaw so I expect to see it any day now.

Happy Sunday Annie. I hope you are having a lovely time in the run up to the festivities. I love being busy! (Don't be folled though I also love being supremely lazy!).

Lots of love and hugs, xx Jos

Lubna said...

Warm festive wishes to you and your loved ones, including the four legged friends.

sukipoet said...

love the mug and the idea of a lidded box. interesting the way you put embossed patterns inside the mug. have fun doing holiday cheer.

Annie said...

Jos, thatnk you darling. I am gluing the cup and sending it, so she can at least put pens in it or something and I will make her another for valentine's, I will send her something else as well.
Bummer you don't have your package, I wonder how slow it would have went had I not sent it priority!
Today is a relaxing wrapping and making card out day, a little run with my dog first, nothing too stressful today, I wish you a happy Sunday too! xoxo
Lubna-Thank you, same back at you! xoxo
Suki-Thank you! I am wishing you peace and a successful surgery! xoxo

studio lolo said...

The warped lid is okay Annie...wabi-sabi! Nothing is perfect.
I love the little tree ornament, and yes, too bad about the cup. Why do cats have to BE cats all the time?

happy holidays to you. A little something is on its way ;)♥

Lori ann said...

annie dear, everything is so colorful and cheerful. i can see that it was all made with much love.
have a fun and festive time! (and yes! breathe, i'll remember too!)

Annie said...

Lo-I was so mad at Max, but really it was my fault for turning my back on it, knowing Max! Thank you sweetie for sending me something, I can't wait :-). xoxo
Lori-I do love what I do :-). You have a wonderful and bright Christmas too! xoxo

secret agent woman said...

Aw, now what did your cat have against that cup?

~Babs said...

Well, like you say,, there will be more boxes and more cups. But it IS a shame,,,
I always love seeing what you're working on.

becky said...

Yes, breathing is good! Sorry about the broken cup... i love the hearts on it! your pieces are so fun & colorful. i especially like the ornament! can't wait to be back in touch when i get to Santa Fe!

Anonymous said...

Lovely makings- the box is fantastic. What a shame about the cup. If you have the chipped piece, is it possible to use superglue or something to make an invisible repair?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love turquoise with red. Beautiful work.