Monday, September 13, 2010

New Ceramics and a Sneak Peek and a Give Away

It has been a hard weekend, missing B so much, but carrying on and focusing on play/work.
I got some ceramics out of the kiln and while they are not perfect (about half made it) and a few will be sold as seconds on discount due to glaze flaws, I do have a few to sell. I am about to put them on my ETSY site, but thought I would offer them here first. The pendants and wall hangings are $20 and the pig ornament is $8 due to a glaze flaw, they are all porcelain. All will be 3.50 to send in the US. Buy two or more you still pay just 3.50 in shipping.
If you want something let me know and I will put it on my ETSY site reserved in your name.
I am giving 10% of all sales to Kj's kids. Read about that here. I am also having a give away. I will let that be a surprise, but it is going to be ceramic and it may be something I have not made yet, depends on who wins as I want it to be a little personal. So if you want to be entered please leave a comment, deadline is Friday, I pull a name from a hat. I have more to show, but will do another post with them later. Let me know if you need sizes on anything.
The last photo at bottom here is my first box. I am trying some new, wonderful porcelain and this is my first project with it. Newly formed not fired yet.
Thank you all again for your sweet and wonderful comments, emails and phone calls. I appreciate you all very much.


Robin said...

Love the new pieces! Especially the new colours and more intricately-detailed ones. The piggy is too cute! Have you ever thought of doing a cat?

Brava, dear Annie!

Love to you and the Boys,

♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Thank you Robin, I knew you would like the lilac :-). I don't have a cookie cutter for a cat, but a cat would be nice :-). xoxo

xxx said...

These are very beautiful.
I especially like the 'joy hog'... its fun.

You are very talented Annie and I hope to own something of yours one day.

Keep making these wonderful creatiions.

love to you

PS... thank you very much for all your support for my creative endeavours too.... your comments are always much appreciated.

secret agent woman said...

There is something about the font that reminds me, in a good way, of those little candy hearts that say things like "BE MINE."

Unknown said...

VERY pretty work....smiles.

Lynn Cohen said...

It's all lovely and sweet of you to have a giveaway.

becky said...

The new pieces turned out great and your box project with the new porcelain is fun! Glad you have been creating. I've got to start doing the same :)

lubna said...

Glaze fault or not: Be a joy hog is cute. Hope your box turns out great. Hugs.

studio lolo said...

It's nice to see you creating again Ms. Annie. Sometimes the joy of creating can heal our wounds♥

That's sweet of you to give a percentage to KJ's kids. I'm going to do a painting and auction it to the highest bidder. Perhaps it will be my recent miccasin painting, I don't know.

I'm looking forward to seeing that box when it's done ;)


yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! I've been thinking of you, missing your Mr. B. It's so hard. I'm glad you are in the studio, making fabulous new artwork. I love all of you new pieces. :) The box looks amazing! Do you have a kiln? I miss making things with clay. I did a lot of ceramics in college (a long, long, long time ago - haha!!). Come visit me in a few days, I am thinking up a giveaway, too. :) xox! Pam

Lori ann said...

dear annie,

it's lovely to see all these beautiful works of art. i know how healing getting busy and working with your hands can be.

and i hope i win too, heehee! but good luck to everyone of course!


sukipoet said...

these are all wonderful. I esp like the box. inventive. glad you are keeping busy. Mr. B would want that. hugs, suki

angela recada said...

I love your new pieces! (From now on I will try to be a joy hog - how cute!)

Just wanted to stop by and say "hi" and tell you how special you are.

Love and hugs,

~Babs said...

I'm already loving that box!
All your pieces are cool,and there's nothing quite so good as creating to get and keep your heart happier.
Very nice work, Annie!

Annie said...

Robyn-Thank you darling, you are a wonderful and special artist. xoxo
Secret agent-I can see that :-).xoxo
Emom-Thank you!xoxo
Lynn-Thank you, hugs back :-). xoxo
Becky-Thank you, I hope you get some creating in this week! xoxo
Lubna-Thank you sweetie, glad you like the hog :-). xoxo
Lo-Thank you. I have not sold anything, so I will likely do a painting and auction it off too, perhaps on Kj's blog? I want to make some money for those kids. And yes, creating heals better than anything.xoxo
Pam-Thank you! No, I have no room for a kiln, I have to rent one. Clay and painting are my passions! xoxo
Lori-Thank you!Perhaps we'll both win :-). xoxo
Suki-I do believe B wants me to be happy. He came for a visit yesterday, it was just a second, but it was him. xoxo
Angela-You are a sweeheart and you are special too! beyond special, as is eveyone who comes here to visit.xoxo
Babs-Thank you, I love the box myself :-). It is funky, but I made it that way on purpose. xoxo

Mim said...

Love these pieces - they are just wonderful!

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

I love the fact, I was thinking something personal and precious like that would be just right for Mr B's ashes? What do you think? I just says Love...

kj said...

here i am! i saw this post a couple of days ago and finally i've arrived to say everything you've done here is FANTASTIC! i love the colors, the words, the shapes, the whimsy, the quality.

and kj's kids. what a great term. tsup! tsup! annie.

okay, i'm off to to a certain artist's etsy shop now.

love love

kj said...

okay, i'm back! i didn't read this well enough. i need to order here, not through etsy.

i want the two 'love your life' wall hangings. they make me happy.

okey dokey?


Annie said...

Mim-Thank you! xoxo
Teri-Great idea, but I think it is not secure enough...xoxo
Kj-Thank you sweetie, I will load them reserved in your name this evening. You are the only one who has ordered, so since that is only 4 dollars for the KIDS, I want to give you a painting to auction off too. Love you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie love the pendant in the 9th pic. Is it already taken? What is non US postage?

How lovely of you to share the money with Kjs children.

The last pic looks very interesting.

Sorry I've not been in touch better but I now have sound for my computer! :-)
Just listened to this.

Must do a blog catch up post today.

Annie said...

Melanie-It's yours! You are talking about the square dream pendant, right? I think I can send it to you for about 7 dollars if it is more I will just treat as you are a dear and I am still loving my bag so much. I will list it on my ETSY site tonight reserved in your name. I will also be drawing the winner of the give a way and offering up a few more pieces. Thank you darling. xoxo

marianne said...

Oh that must be hard when things get ruined in the oven...... :(
Maybe it is something that will get less when you do it longer and know what goes wrong....
Good you have been so busy, keep your mind of missing mr. B a little maybe.
I am trying to catch up on the blogs. Little by little, because 9 days is a long time and I know I don't really manage to read everything, but I am trying....

Hope you are doing a little better day by day.....