Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Animal Wednesday (Dolphins need your help!!!)

You know me, I like to be positive, I like to see the silver lining, but sometimes there is just pain.
I got a message today from the group that made the movie "The Cove". The killing of the Dolphins in Japan begins again TODAY! In the next six months over a 100,000 Dolphins will be slaughtered, including babies and to make it worse they use the Dolphins for meat that they sell as whale meat or mix with other meat and it is full of Mercury. I watched the movie and believe me seeing it is way more powerful than just hearing about it, which is why, when I got the message I burst into tears. If you have any spare money at all, please go here and donate.
If I had the means and the way I would be with the group of 70 who have gone to Japan to try and stop this. They are risking their lives. The least we can do, if we love these special and wonderful animals is to send money. Please, go and give. Thank you. xoxo


Robin said...

I don't have a lot to give....but I will give something....I adore and admire these marvelously intelligent and BRAVE creatures!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Robin-Thank you sweetie. The Dolphins thank you too! Imagine if we all gave 10 dollars, it would help a lot. xoxo

Anonymous said...

When you think of how friendly a lot of dolphins are and how disabled children go to America to have a chance to swim with them, it feels like murder to kill them.

Wasn't the Minki whale hunted almost to extinction? Maybe the Japanese need a few conversations with world leaders.

sukipoet said...

heartbreaking thanks for the awareness

angela recada said...

Dear sweet Annie, I know how you feel. The unspeakable things humans do to these (and other) beautiful and intelligent creatures is beyond immoral. It makes me sick and so very, very sad.

Thank you for posting this, sweetie.

Annie said...

Melanie-It more than feels like murder, it is murder. Of course since I don't eat meat, I think all killing of animals is murder unless you are starving. If people saw what they do to the animals that they raise and kill for your meat at the supermarket it would break your heart. But even though I hate all of it, killing dolphins is behond all that. They are special.
Angela-Yes, I am heart sick and went to bed thinking of them and woke up thinking of them.Love you.xoxo

studio lolo said...

I can't watch The Cove. I want to but I can't afford any more 'falling apart' time this year.
Now watching it doesn't mean I refuse to know it's happening though.

I'll give what I can Annie. There are so many creatures and people who need our help.


Lori ann said...

Many blessing to you for passing this information on. I love dolphins too and can hardly bear to think of this.

I've enjoyed catching up with your previous posts Annie, i love your art and the photo of you, just lovely.

take good care,

yoborobo said...

Oh, Annie. You know, this really touches me on so many levels. I think it is horrible what we do to animals. Why can't we all see this? Some of it is cultural, of course, but I keep hoping we will evolve before we obliterate any more creatures. You are right, we have to support the people who are brave enough to tackle this stuff head-on. I will add my little bit of money to the pot - xox - Pam

yoborobo said...

I just did it - thank you for the nudge, my friend! xo

Annie said...

Lo, I understand. I had to watch it, though it was so hard, because I knew if I watched it I would want to take action. I am so moved that I am looking into going to Japan next year or the next, if there is no ban this year, checking in to see if it is possible for me. I hate sitting on the sidelines, helpless. I do know there are many who need our help, and we have to go with what we are each moved to do. The movie was my call to action and this is my top cause. xoxo
Lori-Thank you darling. xoxo
Pam-You are a woman after my own heart. Thank you so much for giving. In Japan it is cultural, but that does not make it right.

becky said...

Very sad, indeed.

secret agent woman said...

That is so sad, and it boggles my mind that anyone can justify killing intelligent creatures.

Annie said...

Becky, Secret Agent- Yes, it is beyond sad. Unbelievable. But greed is all to some. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Done. Since I have busted loose and now know that there is not a limited supply of money, giving comes with no stresses.

Annie said...

The Dolphins thank you Kelly! I agree, though I have not quiet Busted Loose all the way :-).