Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bright Sun Shiny Day

After my last sad post I felt I had to lighten up a bit :-). This has been a hard week for various reasons and I know that without my "Process" and my "Book" (Busting Loose from the Money Game) I would have sunk into depression, but I did not. For those of you doing the book, there will likely be rough patches, it is not all fun, but push on through when it happens and you will be rewarded.
I took these photos this week. In Taos Every September there are sunflowers along the roads, and in huge fields, they are everywhere! The top photo is a hearty little guy in my yard that came back after the plumber killed all my sunflowers. I tend to him and say sweet words to him daily. So glad he made it, he is small, but he is alive!
I have a lovely day ahead, I am in my jammies, about to go stick my hands in clay (someday soon I hope to have some stuff to show!) and I have my first Disc of the last season of "Lost", YAY! It does not get any better.
Happy Saturday! XOXO


sukipoet said...

lovely sunflowers. i hope your clay day was fun. Our day started out warmish but now is quite chill with the sun behind the clouds and a rather strong wind. Getting out the flannel shirt and long pants.

Suzanne said...

I stop by, but haven't been leaving a comment so today I was just dropping in to say hello -- and just in time for beautiful sunflowers! That must be amazing to see them with the mountains around you.

Today is perfect here in Indiana -- 70 degrees, beautiful white clouds and a nice breeze.

Wishing you much bliss with clay, critters and your beautiful home.


studio lolo said...

I think many of us are having a sunshiney beautiful weather day!

I was about to go berserk, so luckily the humidity took a hike and the day was glorious!

Beautiful post Annie. I have to get back to that book!!


Annie said...

Suki_ my day has been great!, A nice 75 with a breeze, getting very cold at night and in the mornings though. Ceramics done, off to watch Lost. xoxo
Suzanne-Always so happy to hear from you! You had the same weather we did. I hope you had a bliss filled day too. Love. xoxo
Lo-Glad you had a good day. I hate humidity, lucky it is never humid in Taos :-). We should talk after you read the book :-). xoxo

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! I love sunflowers. They are one of my favorites. We didn't plant nearly enough of them this summer, but the chipmunks helped by stealing birdseed and burying it in the flowerbeds. :) We had gorgeous weather here today, too! xox - Pam

Lynn Cohen said...

Love these sunny flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becky said...

the flowers are beautiful, annie! we have them here too, along the sides of the roads everywhere- i keep meaning to stop & take photos. clay & jammies sounds like the absolute perfect day! well that & an endless cup of coffee (decaf for you!)
") happy weekend!

Lubna said...

It is Sunday morning here. Happy Sunday to all of you. I wanted to go for a walk today by the sea, but it is still pouring.

Lori ann said...

How lovely! the precious sunflowers and your day ahead! I love sunflowers too, we always planted the largest ones for my children to measure themselves by. But i like these small ones so much, even better i think.

I hope you had fun creating!


it was beautiful here too, with the fog rolling in and out taking turns with the sun. :)

Jos said...

Oh I love sunflowers. Well, next to daffodils and dandilions they are my favourite flowers. September is the best month of all in England. The apples are ready, the hedges are full of blackberries, the tomatoes are in full glut mode as are the courgetts and early squash ... Ha! Worked it round to my all time favourite subject ... food! How did I manage that? It's a knack.

I am so glad that "the process" is helping Annie. It may not be my thing entirely but I see value in anything that helps you to avoid the pit that depression is.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday too. Oh and ooodles of hugs to you. For some odd reason I am feeling quite perky today. First time in weeks and weeks so quite some relief. Helped in no small way by your kindness.

And love, lots of that too. xx Jos

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful shade of yellow against the blue.

Have fun with the clay Annie.

Lubna said...

Happy pottering with the clay. I love the fact that you always share your beautiful sunflowers with us.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Enjoy those beautiful sunflowers. We have fields of them here and they are a sight to behold! Magical...

Robin said...

I adore your Taos Sunflowers.... bringing backmany happy memories of my time there with you ....

The "little one" in your garden is beautiful! I hope he stays blooming for a long time.

Do you remember the dark red ones we saw in town one day? What a colour!

Sun rising.... hooray....but I won't see too much of it as I am off to ....yes...the Opera!

Love to you and "Da Boys",

♥ Robin ♥

angela recada said...

Happy Sunday, Sweetie! I hope you and your boys are having a beautiful day.

Thank you for the beautiful photos. You know how I adore Taos, and those flowers are glorious!

I hope you enjoy the last season of "Lost"! I can't wait to hear what you think of the final episode.
Lots of love and huge hugs,

Marion said...

I hope you had a great day with clay and your Lost CD.

Those sunflowers are so pretty and happy. Sunflowers here did not like the smoky air...all their leaves curled up and the blooms are very I'm happy to see yours looking so sprightly!

Very cool late fall-like weather here today with rain and wind...feels like a good day to curl up with a good book!

Kate P said...

Sunflowers and clay sounds like a good saturday to me!

secret agent woman said...

I did absolutely nothing today. I'm very proud of myself.

ExtraO said...

I'm sorry you had a difficult week. I hope things start looking up for you.

marianne said...

All sounds nice ;)
So glad this happy yellow fellow survived!

I am off to see what your hands in clay produced....

Have to see what "that book" is about

xxx said...

Great photos.
I love sunflowers too and have recently planted some seedlings in my front garden.
I love to see where bloggers live as often it is very different from here.

I too am a fan of 'Lost'... I really enjoyed it.

I like you positive outlook and the beautiful messages you put on your ceramics. They are extremely beautiful and I wish that I was able to purchase something.
Hopefull one time soon.

love to you Annie
x Robyn