Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special Deal (Christmas in July)

This is the deal, last year some of you inquired about me making you custom made ornaments
for Christmas. However, there was not near enough time to do so, so this year I am starting way early (in anticipation of many orders :-).
I do stars and hearts (all handmade with Porcelain clay, hung on ribbon, to see more examples go to my ETSY shop and click on sold items) and I can put any name that does not go over 8 letters and I can do up to three names or words on each ornament. I can do the words in red, blue , black or green. If you want something really special we can talk. The price for custom made ornaments will be $10.00 for one, $19.50 for 2, $29.50 for 3 and $39.00 for 4, more than that and I will sell them for $9.50 each (shipping costs vary and are not included in price). If they will be a gift, I can gift wrap also. For all my bloggers I will throw in a 5% discount on all items ordered. If you want to go through paypal, after the item is made I will list it on my ETSY site and reserve it in your name, or if you prefer paying by check I can do that too. If you are interested in this please email me at:anniecoeartist(at)peoplepc(dot)com, the sooner I get the order, the sooner I can get them done, it takes about 6 weeks start to finish and that does not allow for breakage, which is always a possibility. You don't have to pay until they are completed, I trust all of you :-). I know it is hard to think about Christmas this early, but in this case it is a must. I will also be making lots of my small wall hangings and can do a custom order for them too, and also mugs, cups, even a bowl, not sure what the cost of those would be yet, just email me if you have an idea and I will tell you if I can do it or not.
Happy Thursday! XOXO


Lori ann said...

Ooooh, these are so pretty! I believe you are brilliant, it's not to early to begin thinking about Christmas in July, a handmade christmas that is. I am starting on gifts as well. I love to make mine too!


kj said...

all i can think of is my sweet pea bowl and how much i love it and how much i use it.

thank you for the prompt here, annie. my wheels are turning. these are some of my favorite ornaments.


Annie said...

Lori-Thank you. Happy gift making.xoxo
Kj, You love Sweet pea, that makes me so happy, also Kj, you should probably handwash if you are usingit a lot, just in case.
Love you.xoxo

becky said...

What a great idea, to start early, Annie. I am already thinking of at least 2 I'd like for you to make for me.
Good news~ I've got a job in Santa Fe that starts next week, and will go thru Nov, so I'll be making it up to Taos at some point!

Annie said...

Oh Becky, I am so excited! We can actually meet. Perhaps you can come over and meet my animal boys and see the art in person? Keep me posted! xoxo

~Babs said...

Beautiful, Annie!
And what an organized person you are,,,getting your early start!
I always PLAN to,,,,

xxx said...

These are very beautiful and I wish you well xoxo

I am not yet shopping for christmas and ornaments are usually my last purchase... in answer to your current post Annie.