Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Painting and more Miracles

(Click to enlarge)
I finished this painting over the weekend. These are such different colors for me, but I really like it. 12"x 12", Venetian plaster and pigment on board. I think the title is "Joy Ride" Let me know what you think.
In other news, a miracle happened today. I was at the Vets buying SubQ fluids for Spike and I asked the Vet Tech if they knew of any pet-sitters. She said no, I asked if any of the Vet Techs would do it, and she said she would! I actually got what I wanted! Spike will get his fluids at home and won't have to go to the Vet and she will know all the danger signs if Spike were to go into kidney failure again. How perfect is that! All my boys will get the best of care and I can now go see my mom and be okay with it.
I never heard from the other Vet Tech, but somehow I felt very calm about it all, and now I know why.
By the way I did "The Process" on this for the last two days. See post below.
Have I told you all lately how much I appreciate you? I do. Love. ♥ XOXO


studio lolo said...

Did you hear me scream a little??
That was joyous screaming!!

How wonderful!! You have to tell the universe what you need and then ask for it.

yay Annie and Spike!


P.S. The painting looks very happy and I like the title!

becky said...

My first thought when I saw your latest painting was "happy amoeba." I don't know why... like little single celled creatures... happy ones! congrats, too on your happy news!

Annie said...

Lo-:-), Yes, I believe I did hear that scream of joy. I am screaming with joy too! xoxo
Becky-They do look like amoeba's and it would not be the first time I have painted them. I love circles and all round shapes and I am inspired by rocks and shells and sea creatures.xoxo

yoborobo said...

I love your happy painting, and your happy news! Yay, Annie!!! xo Pm

Lubna said...

Circles and waves seem to be the identification mark of your paintings - we know it is an Annie painting.
But there is something definitely different about this one, something very unique. It is bursting with joy, literally. I love it.

Annie said...

Pam-Thank you darling.xoxo
Lubna-Yes, circles and waves indeed :-). Do you think I miss the ocean :-)? I am glad you like it. xoxo

nollyposh said...

WoW! ...and i do ~Love~ those colors~ <3 <3 <3

kj said...

what a HAPPY painting, annie!!!
it's one of my favorites.

i am extra happy for you tonight. and for spikey. now you can go forth and do what you need to do without the weight of worry.

thinking of you tomorrow and channeling ABUNDANCE

love love

Jos said...

Annie, how do you do that? Paint smiley things that make the looker feel warm and happy just from looking? It is a gift you have that's for sure.

I am so chuffed that you asked and were answered, that your faith was justified and strengthened at the same time. And now you can be assured that Spike will be fine. Another weight off your mind.

I am going to get that book and have a read. I think it has much to teach me.

More hugs xx Jos

soulbrush said...

isn't it just incredible how sometimes life just 'gives back'. you deserve all these good things. yahoo.

sukipoet said...

thats wonderful. you can rest easy that the boys will be in good hands. I like the bold colors in the new work. strong.

angela recada said...

I love your painting!!! It radiates joy!

And how wonderful that you found the best pet-sitter for your boys! I've noticed, too, that if something is meant to happen, everything will fall into place, somehow. I'm so happy for you, Annie!!!!

Hugs and love,

Unknown said...

Oh Annie..this is such wonderful news. So happy to hear that and everything fits just perfectly. Love ya too!!

Annie said...

Nolly-Thank you. Hugs, xoxo
kj-Thank you, I did not sleep all night, still don't know what the answer will be, but I trust I will know what to do.xoxo
Jos-I am so happy I inspired you to get the book! Thank you for you sweet, kind comments about the painting.xoxo
Joss-Yes, it is wonderful!!!xoxo
Suki-Thank you!xoxo
Angela-Thank you sweetie, always happy to see you!xoxo
M.Kate-Always happy to see you too!
Hugs. xoxo

Robin said...

Another happy, vibrant painting....Congrats!

Wonderful news about the Vet can go to see your Mum and know Spike and B (and Zeus and Max) will be well looked after...

Sending you love and strength,

♥ Robin ♥

Unknown said...

HippityHipHip!!! Great news and love the painting!

ExtraO said...

I really like this one!!

xxx said...

I like the new paintings very much.
They're upbeat and simple in their reflection, yet I know that such simplicity is often difficult to master.
They're beautiful!

Great to read that all will be well while you are away visiting with family.

Best wishes for everything
x Robyn

Kate P said...

There is definitely joy in your newest work! And hooray for Spike and the really awesome vet tech!

Lynn Cohen said...

What great big colorful circles of fun!!!!!!!!!!! They sing like summer!

Lori ann said...

Oh Annie, it's almost moving off my screen, it's dancing even. What a gorgeous painting, you must have been smiling when you painted this. i love it for those reasons and also because i have a thing for circles and all that they symbolize.

it's not surprising to me that the universe has stepped in to lend a hand when you most need it. i think the universe loves compassion and goodness. this was such a joyful post to read.
xoxo lori

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting and yes joyful.

I am so pleased that everything has worked out for you with the cat sitter. You will be able to go and know that everythign is well taken care of.

Doris Sturm said...

I'm so glad you found good care for Spike - what a relief that must be for you.

Lovely painting, so happy looking :-)

Annie said...

Robin-Thanks sweetie.xoxo
EOM-Glad you like it.xoxo
Robyn-Sweet comments, thank you.xoxo
KateP-Thank you!xoxo
Lynn-I Love that! xoxo
Lori-Yes, I am always happy when I paint, I too love circles, can't you tell? :-). Thank you for your lovely comments.xoxo
Melanie-Thank you. My mind is at rest now about my boys.xoxo
Doris-Yes, HUGE relief! xoxo