Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Dream (Now for Something Completely Different)

If you have been reading my blog for the last few months and paid attention, you will remember that a couple months ago I bought a book called "Busting Loose From the Money Game" by Robert Scheinfeld. Since that time many things have happened to make me feel that the theories in this book are true. They are wild and they sound very far out in left field, but I always judge something by how it works, I am open minded enough to try things on for size. Many of you will leave this blog right now as you are not interested, and that is fine, I am writing this for the ones who are meant to read it, so if you feel to leave, go. I won't go into the theory except to say that it revolves around the world being a hologram and not real. You can't really effect the hologram from inside it. If you are like me you have tried many self help and spiritual practices to change your life. You have had a little success, but many failures. For my whole life I actually thought the problem was with me. I must not be doing this stuff right, or for some reason God was playing a huge joke, just on me. This book was a revelation, but I had some doubts, so I put "The Process" to work, the process is a way to get power back (read the book), it only works if you do it, reading about it won't change a thing :-). Two months into the work, my world is looking a whole lot different. It is hard to articulate, but for one, money comes much easier, even though it really is not about money, more about freedom. I was given an art show out of the blue, with nothing being done on my part. This week I have been offered a job I used to dream about (even though I am not sure I want it now). The main thing is how happy I am most of the time, without effort or TRYING to be positive, even in crisis. Yes, I can get upset, but I quickly come to my senses when I do the process. I know I might as well be speaking a foreign language, but I have one story that may explain it a bit. Robert, talks about when you start doing the work in the book, things will feel surreal a lot of the time, and they do, very surreal. I had a dream the other night that I feel brought it all home for me. I know, other people's dreams are boring, but I think some of you may like this: In the dream I found myself at a client's house, the one where Finn the dog lives.
In the dream I find myself in the bedroom, I think to myself, how did I get here? It is too early in the week to be here and I did not say hi to G or Finn, I go in the living room and say hello and ask how I got in the house without seeing them? G has no idea. Then I look outside and it is pitch black, I look at the clock and it says 6:30 AM. I ask G why I am there so early, again G has no idea. Mind you, everything in this dream looks exactly right, as solid as REAL life. I laugh and say to G, "Could it be that I am dreaming?" We both laugh and laugh, because that would be insane, everything is so real, I could not possibly be dreaming, then I WAKE up. I look around and I am in a bit of shock because seconds ago, I had really believed I was at G's house talking to her. It was a really wonderful way to see how the theory in this book could be true. I have not been able to forget it. Okay, now that you think Annie has gone round the bend and has been watching too many "Lost" DVDs I am going to go to bed.
Sweet dreams :-). XOXO


Anonymous said...

It's good to know that there are lovely things happening in your life. I hope this book's philospohy takes you to where you need to be.

soulbrush said...

i believe it is all encompassed in positive thought, what we feel inside so we will project on the outside and when down, things go wrong, but when up things start to happen, because we ourselves are inviting them in. I should know - it is happening to me after an almighty 6 month depression.

yoborobo said...

Annie - What an interesting adventure you have had with this book! I am happy you have found something that is helping you. I look at all of it as a gigantic mystery what really can't be solved, but of course, I could be completely wrong! LOL! You are a kind and talented person, and you deserve to have good things happen to you. :) xox Pam

Robin said...

Anne, I have seen you seek out many different things in your quest for happiness.... whatever works for you and brings you joy and strength is paramount.

It does come from within..stay as strong and focused as you are.


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Melanie-Thank you for your sweet well wishes. xoxo.
Joss- Well, positive thinking is certainly one part of the puzzle, and it is powerful, but this goes much deeper and while I have always been a positive thinker, things have not changed much for me,
until now. And it is not about only good things happening, as bad things will always happen, it is about loving life anyway :-).I am so happy things are looking up for you! xoxo
Pam-Yes, it is all a huge adventure and it is a mystery, one we won't totally solve until we die :-), which of course is not real either, just a switching of realities. xoxo
Robin-Yes, indeed you have seen me go through many attempts to change my life, this will be the first time that I have actually seen real results. I have a feeling I have seen nothing yet! I am also sure there will some bumpy bits to go through (like this stuff with my mom), but that is all part of the work. This is only the beginning. Love.xoxo

sukipoet said...

sounds like the book and your life since reading it really resonate with his ideas. glad that special things are happening for you. thanks for sharing.

Doris Sturm said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the book and the experiences you are having - the awareness and feelings of change. This story reminded me a little of the proverb about the caterpillar dreaming he was a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming he was a caterpillar... very interesting food for thought!

Have a blessed day :-)

Hope the kitties are doing well. I think of them often, especially your boy that needs the medications.

The Tusk said...

To Live in a dream and feel perfectly normal is perfectly normal. I think if we want fantasy we ask for fantasy by welcoming it in our dreams. Many times when I have worked a grueling 30 hours or more straight and my repast or rest is short to the next beginning of a work day, that dream becomes the judgement call for the day. The demons fight the angels during that time. Time starts again and I understand a little better how far away from center I am.

It is here where Yogis and Yoga and sri sris and Guru's have had there voices heard, on how to get back to your center or the correction to your center.

This I feel is where you evolve your belief system, some believers stay true to their first beliefs, what they are taught. Other believers can evolve in finding their inner voice and its need to advance or retreat in kind to itself and its desires. Evolution through an understanding of Emotional Expression. What Emerson would like to have evolved from, not simply expression but a grasp of our emotions while expressing ourselves.

Lori ann said...

I think it's lovely that this book is speaking to you. That is a wonderful thing. I believe there are many paths to understanding, enlightenment, happiness. Finding the one that resonates with you is bliss!
I've still never seen Lost :(

xoxo lori

becky said...

does sound interesting annie... i especially like the part about not having to TRY to be happy... it seems i always have to work at that, always TRYING to keep positive when things aren't going at all as i had planned.
ps-dreams are a trip!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

I am truly celebrating YOU after reading this post and I support you in this journey. It is a powerful one to view the world (and your role in it) through different lenses. You are right on, at first it does feel surreal, but then your world starts reshaping itself with (what feels like) very little effort on your part. Enjoy this journey, truly!

And perhaps this little announcement is more proof in the pudding. You are the winner of the goodie bag at my blog - from the July Celebration. Congrats! Yes, randomly picked! I'm not sure I have your address. Can you e-me so I can send you your gift?

Blessings and so much more...

Jos said...

Annie I think that when you dare to think radically your dreams reflect this too. When you change your life it does feel very sureal. At least for a while until you adjust.

And I think you are very brave. I so admire that.

I am so gald to have "met" you. xx Jos

Jos said...
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Kate P said...

I for one am not surprised that an artist can have powerful dreams! Wishing you well & asking St. Francis to help take care of the pets. :)

studio lolo said...

I could have sworn I left a comment the other day!!

Maybe I didn't come back after looking up the book link.
Anyway, I just ordered it! We'll see if it's as good for me.

Hoping the vet tech comes through for you and the boys.


Annie said...

Suki-yes, I feel it is my time now :-). The process could really help you with the house search, by the way. xoxo
Doris-Yes, that is how it feels.
The boys are all great! Thank you for asking.xoxo
Tusk-yes, and you my dear have gone a bit over my head :-). xoxo
Lori, Thank you, and yes, you are right, we all have our own path and I belive they are all correct for each of us. xoxo
Becky- This whole thing is such a trip and I am loving it, yes, I can still have a bad day, but the tools in the book really take care of me and miracles are happening EVERYDAY! There are also trails, but that is part of life. I think you would really get a lot from this book Becky, if you feel moved to get it, I say go for it! I am so glad I did. xoxo
Jan-What a lovely comment! You are such a wise and wonderful woman. I am excited I won the goody bag! It will be grand to read your book! I am sure I won because I now have the attitude of a winner :-).I will email you my address.xoxo
Jos-Your words are always so heartfelt and I am so happy to know you too! I hope one day we can meet, I would love to give you a real hug!xoxo
Katep-Thank you, and your prayers worked, I found a Vet Tech today, post to follow!xoxo
Lo-I am so excited that you ordered the book!!!! I can tell you that if you read the book all the way through and do "The Process" (A LOT) that things will start to move for you. The Universe starts to give you proof, almost at once! There are also upsets, but that is just part of it and you will see when you read and do the work. I can't wait to compare notes! I am here for you if you need me in the process.

nollyposh said...

I am geTTing REALLY interested now! WoW! i think this might just be the right timing for me as right now i cannot get out of the money stress loop & i am very nervous that this stress will send my health backwards if i do not find a solution soooo THANKYOU HuNNy *kisses*

Anonymous said...

This post doesn't make me think you've gone around the bend. This post makes me want to read the book. I believe it's very possible that this is a hologram. It would explain a lot of things about the universe that traditional science has not been able to explain. (I read Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe" not long ago.) I think this is also where Buddhism tries to take us when the Buddha advises us not to identify with or get caught up in the three Khandas.

Annie said...

Nolly-Get the BOOK!!! I can promise if you do the work, things will happen and you can do "The Process" on your health issues too, you can do it about anything, it is not just about money, but it has helped me a lot in that area too.xoxo
Kelly-Yes, that is it exactly!