Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, About that Dream Job...

Remember that dream job I told you I was offered? This is what happened: Everyone I knew thought I should take it, I looked at all the positives of the job and there were many. It was a position as director of the best gallery in town. Many years ago I dreamed of this job. So, I felt in a way I had to take it, I would be stupid to not give it a shot, but in my heart I really no longer wanted the job. I went to talk to the owner yesterday and he told me out of ten people I was in the top 3, really as it turned out I was #2. I told him I would sleep on it and gave him a YES this morning. He thought about it all day and finally gave it to the other person because they were a bit more aggressive(and he is right, aggressive is not something I am). And you know what? I am happy! I was only going after it because I felt I SHOULD, I tried to make myself believe it would be fun, and I am sure I could have made it fun and it would have been fine, but you know what? I am a PAINTER first. The lowly jobs I do now, give me more time and freedom to do my real work, the work of being an artist. I told the owner that he had made the very best choice. He went with his intuition and he must have seen that my heart was not in it. I am glad that I did not let fear stop me from going for it, I needed to know that I would not shy away from the challenge, but I am also glad and relieved that I don't have to do it, the Universe knew what I really wanted, in my heart. I work hard, but I also love all of my clients very much and that can't be bad. And besides I know that one day soon, my art will support me. So I am thankful this Thursday that I did not get the job :-). Blessings sometimes disguise themselves as disappointments. Happy Thursday! XOXO


becky said...

Well, congratulations on not getting the job! It's funny how sometimes we think we want something & then realize it is not something we want at all. I think I know what I want... but I can't seem to "get there."
When I am back to work full time as I am now, I find I utilize all my energy there and don't have much left for myself, or my art. I admire you that you continue to follow your passion & have such confidence!

Annie said...

Becky-That is why I did not really want the job, my art would have taken a back seat, as when you have a demanding job, it would have to. Thank you! xoxo

kj said...

i am so happy for you, you upside down darling friend and artist!!!!

this is awesome thinking!

p.s goodied galore arrived today. you are too good to me, annie. thank you.

Anonymous said...

My brother in law became the director of an art gallery and hated it. Like you his heart was in his art and arranging exhibitions and hanging paintings in harmonious groups for other people wasn't what he was about. He did it for years trying to work on his own art in the evenings but eventually he took the plunge and left his job and became self employed. He is happier now.

It's good to hear that you knew upfront how you felt and avoided wasting years.

Jos said...

That is so great Annie. Sometimes we do too much of the things we SHOULD do and not enough of the things to meet our dreams. And you can take comfort in the fact that you were shortlisted to #2. How cool is that?

Your art will support you. It may take time to build up a customer base at a sustainable level but I for one am very confident on your behalf. Such a talent you have.

And I am reminded of when I "down-sized" my career after suffering increasingly from the stress of travel, long hours, dealines etc etc etc. Best thing I ever did. Money is not an end in itself and once I let go of that idea I was much freer. btw, book on order!

Hope your mom is still improving. She is certainly improving my prayer life ... something of a blessing in itself.

xx Jos

Unknown said...

Hello Annie (big smiles--big grin!) way to go girl!! I know how it is, choosing between money and what we love. Money is a strong and powerful attractor but at the same time, it can makes us miserable doing what we dont have a passion for. I admire you much for what you decide, and also endure and go through this tough life. It makes you so much stronger. I love you Annie for your strength! Big hugs for all weekend.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Oh, Annie, I am so so so very glad you listened to your heart. Hooray for you! Yes, to honor our callings in this way is so vital to living out the truth of who we are. I sense that this "no" will bring many more "Yes'" your way. Hugs.

yoborobo said...

Annie! You are so right. Let me tell you WHY (LOL!). I graduated from college with a degree in art (a million years ago), and couldn't find work anywhere. I freaked out (long story) and ended up taking programming classes and getting a job as a programmer. My thinking was that the job would support my art, and I would have evenings and weekends all to myself (to make art). Well, on evenings and weekends I was so tired from work I did nothing (okay, I cooked and did laundry, and saw friends, etc.). Point is, the job sapped me of any creative energy I might have used for art. Jobs are like that, if you do them well. So I am happy you didn't take the demanding job, and you can make art instead. xoxo! Pam

angela recada said...

Ahhh, my wise and wonderful friend, now you can take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and go forth and continue to live your extraordinary life on your terms!

Wishing you all the best, always, sweet Annie.

Love and hugs,

The Tusk said...

Lord Ganesh places obstacles for us and removes them when we are ready. These were good obstacles for you, Yes or No?

ExtraO said...

Good for you!

Kate P said...

Ultimately, you followed your heart. I don't think you'll regret that at all! (P.S. I'm not aggressive enough, either!)

Annie said...

Kj, Glad you got your package :-).
I am upside down, you are spot on!
I love how you got that.
Melanie-I loved this story, it confirms what I know.xoxo
Jos-I just adore you my friend, I am so happy that you will be reading and doing the book, we can compare notes :-). I know it will change your life as it already has mine and I have only been doing it 2 1/2 months, wait until a year has passed, no one will know me :-).Because of the stroke my mom has these awful emotional lows and crys a lot, but her body is doing very well. Thank you so much for your prayers! xoxo
M.Kate-Thank you for your sweet words.I love you too and I am so happy to know you! xoxo
Jan-I do too :-). Thank you!xoxo
Pam-Exactly!Money is not as important as passion and yes, I believe you CAN live on it.xoxo
Angela-Yes, that is exactly how I feel. I love you dear Angela. xoxo
Tusk-Oh, I love Ganesh and everything is perfect :-).xoxo
KateP.-Who wants to be aggressive? Yuck, not me :-).xoxo

soulbrush said...

interesting that we both talk about jobs today and new doors opening for us. agressivness is the one thing i was never and wouldn't want to be, in work or out. so well done, good result in the end.

Annie said...

Jossie-I wish all the best on your new adventure. It will all be for the best, you will see. Love. xoxo

Marion said...

I'm so glad you didn't get that "dream job"! Congratulations at standing and facing your fear...the whole thing will absolutely bounce you forward with your art work, which is truly what you want to do.

You truly ARE a painter first! You are a true Artist and I'm so glad you are going to follow your real dream.

Jenn @ CozyCompanion said...

Annie, I love this... the Universe knew what I really wanted, in my heart. :) I am glad that it all worked out beautifully for you! The expansive heart does know best.. what we need. xx Jenn

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie! It's been awhile since I've left a comment, but I have dropped by to check on you. I want to thank you so much for Busting Loose from the Money Game. I love it! Good stuff. And I can see how well it's working for you. A thought I love is that the Universe wants me to be happy and to have what I want. Your dreams and desires are treasured by this loving Universe. Blessings to you!

Annie said...

Marion-Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. I have been an artist since I was 8 years old, and it has always been my only dream. xoxo
Jenn-Thank you for your lovely comment. Welcome!xoxo
Suzanne! I have been thinking of you and wondering about how you are. So happy to see you here and
glad you have the book! Love and hugs to you dear Suzanne, I hope you are well.xoxo

Jos said...

Annie, as far as I know it is pretty normal for stroke patients in recovery to have quite volatile emotional states. I remember when (my husband) Trevs' grandmother had a stroke and for many months whilst she recovered she had a lot of very uncharacteristic rages and sullen episodes which were terribly upsetting for everyone concerned. She did eventually recover to her more usual sets of behaviour but it did take quite some time.

I know it upset Trev a lot when this happened initially but he did some research which revealed evidence that this is par for the course in cases of stroke.

I hope your mom recovers her equilibrium soon. I know it's hard when the people we love become almost like someone else.

I will let you know when I get the book and make a start reading and putting into practise. I'm looking forward to it.

More hugs. xx Jos

Annie said...

Jos-In doing research on this I have found that what you say is true, the emotional stuff comes with the stroke, it does not make it any easier, but it does help to know that she can get better. I try just to stay centered and listen to her, not try to fix it, just listen. Love to you my friend.

nollyposh said...

Amen xox

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that blessings sometimes disguise themselves as disappointments. Not only do you not have to do the job, but you still get the knowledge that someone wanted you more than 30 + other people. Nice boost, eh?