Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Randomness

More photos from my trip, the top one are beautiful roses from my mom's yard.
Happy Tuesday!


studio lolo said...

Thank you for the raven shot ;)

I didn't know you were thinking of moving. Did I miss something?

I think it's time for list making Annie. Write down the pros and cons of leaving NM.
You're at a time in your life when change is harder and harder. We have to think of the big picture which includes US. And you're right, if we make a big move to make someone else happy at our expense then it will manifest into something less than...even ugly.

Go inward Annie. Pull on your reserves and lean on your friends.
Shout out to the universe!
But please, please don't be hasty.

love, Lo♥

Annie said...

Lo-It is a crow, but same difference :-). I have been thinking of moving to the Oregon coast, 2 hours from Portland, to be closer to my mom and family and now with my mom's stroke, I am thinking even more seriously about it. The pro and con thing does not work, as it is about equal 50/50, and am going inward and calling on spirit, but the guilt/duty thing has been getting in the way :-). So, until I can relax and just be, I can't hear the directive :-).

Unknown said...

Annie, do what you like most. I know it does sound easy but trust me, not everyone gets the choice to do that. I wish for so many things that I could do..I wish I could just stay at home with the kids, but that's not going to happen, so enjoy your time. Love ya ;)

Lori ann said...

I have a best friend that moved recently from here (California) to be with his ageing Mother in Illinois. (He does still have his business in L.A. but not a home anymore).

I am so moved by the grace and compassion he has done this with. I know he misses it here, but he knows someday he'll be back. For now, he says the time he's able to spend with his Mother is priceless.

The Oregon coast is a long way from N.M. and your 50/50 decision only makes it that much more challenging. I have a feeling you'll have opportunitys where ever you choose to be.
Lolo's right Annie, sleep on it (maybe for a moon or two!)


Lori ann said...

And hey! if it's 2 hours from Portland, you'd be near Tillamook cheese! (another point for the Oregon move, unless your vegan) :)

ExtraO said...

I love that last picture. Beautiful.

You are right, you need to move only if that is what you want to do not out of guilt or a sense of duty. I'm all for moving. Change is good. :-)

Marion said...

I love your're making me even more homesick for the Coast and its beaches!

I'm so glad you recognize resentment can creep in when you do something for someone else and not necessarily for yourself. Taking time making a decision of this magnitude is absolutely right for you now.

I'm doing the same as you...going through stuff and throwing out or selling, all in anticipation of a move coming my way!

Lubna said...

You are doing the right thing. Never make a decision in a hurry. You will soon know when do take the first step and in which direction.
Just don't think for the next three weeks, the answer will dawn on you.

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, lovely photos. I'm only just back too. Yes I think you are right about not making any snap decisions.

Thank you for the crow. While on hols crows flew over (only time they were seen all week) just after we found a problem so I knew everything would be all right in the end. And it was. :-)

Annie said...

M.Kate- I love it when you come visit. I miss you. xoxo
Lori-I don't eat meat, but I love cheese! My situation is very different from your friends, as I likely may not have the means to move back when I want to(however, things are changing and that could change as well), if I did, but I also know that whatever I do, I will be taken care of by spirit. xoxo
EOM-Yes, change is good, but I have to be led by spirit or I get in trouble :-). xoxo
Marion-Lovely, I always love it when you come and share your wisdom :-). xoxo
Lubna-Sounds good to me :-). xoxo
Melanie-:-). Love those Ravens and Crows! xoxo

kj said...

but i've been here! where am i?

i will comment again tonight, after work, or soon after. meanwhile, the one thing i will say now is take your time and factor in if the reconection with your family will lift and enhance you as well as them.


soulbrush said...

oh annie i feel so for you, we have been flung into having to move too, and is a very heartless and soul destroying job and many decisions to make. i am sure you will find the right path in time- as i hope we will too.

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! These decisions are so hard. A few years back, we had to decide whether to move away from CA (and friends and family) out to MD because of my hub's job, and for better schools for the kids. It was so hard to move, and there were good things and bad things about it, in the end. I hope your heart settles in one direction or the other soon, and you make peace with your decision. Here's a good thought: they are both incredibly beautiful places to live. I am betting both will inspire your art. :) xox!! Pam

Annie said...

kj-That is the real question, and one I cannot answer yet. xoxo
Jossie-It can be soul destroying or it can be an adventure. Huggles dear Joss. xoxo
Pam-Yes, that is indeed the upside, whatever I decide will be the "right" decison.xoxo