Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm home, and tired and emotionally overwhelmed, but I am happy and I will regain my energy soon. I had trouble sleeping at my mom's, cities are very noisy and my house is very quiet.
My mom is getting better daily and as she does not like it if I say too much about my family on this blog, I will just leave it at that, the doctors are amazed at how fast she is improving. Thank you all so much for your prayers (keep them coming).
I took many photos, and will share the best ones here over the next week.
These are photos of the Oregon coast, taken on two different days, one was sunny, but the wind was terrible, the other day overcast, but much more calm. I also did these little videos, one of a crow and one of the spot I was standing, the ocean was way too loud to try and do a voice over.
Not the best video, but it was very hard to see what I was taking photos of without my glasses
:-). It does give you an idea of what it looks like there.
I missed you all so much and I will be catching up on your blogs in the next week.
Love. xoxo


Suzanne said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad to hear the good news about your mother.

Thanks for the videos of the ocean. I used to live in Virginia Beach and it was so nice to see and hear the waves.

Lubna said...

Glad to have you back. Good to know your Mum is getting better and better. Now, I am near the sea again - in Mumbai. I love the sea.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love the ocean, Oregon, both. Thanks for sharing. Love your photos too.
So glad your mom is on the mend.
Hoping for a full and speedy recovery. And you be gentle with yourself too. It takes it's toll.

kj said...

hi sweetie, it's sweetie!

welcome back home. i'm glad you are home. i have a feeling this trip offers some wise insight.

so rest before all that continued growth comes acalling...

:)honest to god, the word verf is 'coesyr'. hmmmmnnn..


yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! Welcome home! I'm glad your mom is doing better - great news. :) And I love these pictures. What a beautiful spot on our little blue ball. I miss the ocean! xoxo Pam

Robin said...

Welcome back! I am so glad your trip was a good one and that your Mom continues to improve. I know how healing it was for you to spend time by the wonderful you had some blue skies and sunshine.....


♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

Annie, this is your kitties talking...

"Yippeee-yeowie-meowie. you're home!!!! We missed you terribly but now we're happy."

I'm glad you're back Ms. Annie. Good news on the mom front...and you got a chance to go to the ocean for a bit of soul nourishment ;)


Annie said...

Suzanne-Thank you. Always wonderful to see you here! xoxo
Lubna-Lucky girl to be by the sea.
Lynn-Yes, it does. Thank you for the well wishes. xoxo
Kj-Sweetie! Weird about the V. word :-), yes, insight and a bit of confusion too. I am torn between two places, pots of money could be really useful right now :-). No rest for the wicked :-).
Pam-Thank you! xoxo
Robin-There may have been some blue skies, but the wind was blowing about a 100 miles an hour, but the ocean is healing now matter what the weather. Love. xoxo
Lo-Yes, my kitties and my dog were very happy to have me home and they all did well.:-). I am thrilled to see them too. xoxo

becky said...

Hi Annie,
glad your mom is healing well & that you were able to be with her. the oregon coast is so beautiful... glad you got to spend some time there as well. good to have you back. :)

~Babs said...

Welcome home Annie,,,,no place quite like it, right?
I miss the ocean,,,it's been too long.
Such good news about your Mom!

angela recada said...

Welcome back!!!! I'm so glad your trip went well, and I completely understand your mom's desire for privacy. Such good news that she's feeling better every day!

I loved your photos and little videos of the coast - it's so, so beautiful.

Take care of yourself, sweetie. Lots of love to you and the boys!

Love and hugs,

Marion said...

Welcome back, Annie! Loved your photos of the Oregon coast...I've visited there many times and absolutely love it!

I'm so glad your Mom is feeling better as well. And now, with your mind at ease and memories of that wonderful ocean, you can concentrate on where you'll go next...

Your word verification is hectiest...I wonder if that is a sign of things to come?

soulbrush said...

welcome back -there is nothing like the first night of sleeping on your own bed again. this post has very mixed emotions in it and i can feel them.

Annie said...

Becky-Thank you! xoxo
Babs-yes, always good to be home.
I already miss the ocean...xoxo
Angela-Hi darling one, I have missed you! xoxo
Marion-Hi sweetie, yes, life could get more hectic, is that what you meant?xoxo
Joss-Yes, I have very mixed emotions, I am very torn between the two places and about what I should, or WANT to do. xoxo

Kate P said...

That might be the first time I've ever heard *real* "West Coast" waves, so thank you for the videos!

Welcome back & happy recharging your batteries. The update on your mom sounds good--will remember her in my prayers.

willowtree said...

Glad to hear that you are home! I hope you get your equilibrium back soon. xoxo

Annie said...

Peter-Thanks, I hope so too :-). xoxo

Lori ann said...

Glad all went well with you and your Mom Annie. I can imagine the emotions you are experiancing.
The Oregon coast looks a lot like ours at the moment, thick fog hanging over the water. And oh so beautiful.
take good care. :)

ExtraO said...

Beautiful Pictures!!

sukipoet said...

that is some beautiful place. glad you got to visit w/your mom and see how she was doing with your own eyes and be there with her and for her. so important to the healing process to know one is loved.