Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday is my favorite day.

I have always loved Sundays because it is a lazy, quiet day. No stress, no pressure. My day started with a lovely espresso, some happy blogging and dreams of going to Paris. My plans for the rest of the day are like this: Making a delightful breakfast, getting my clay out and beginning again to make lovely mugs and bowls, so far everything I have made in the last month has been crap, so I must keep at it, eventually I want to do sculpture, but practice is needed first. My main problem is that I want to rush it. I don't understand why as I don't rush my paintings, but with the clay I do and that is bad news as you CANNOT rush it, ceramics is a dance with water and clay and too much too soon, it falls apart. So slow is the word for today. I promise photos, later, of what I accomplish.
I will also work in some reading and movie watching into my day, a bit of writing on my book and some more dreaming of Paris. If you have been to Paris please leave me a comment on your very favorite thing about it and if you work in clay please leave a tip or two and all the rest of you, tell me what you are up to this Sunday, this most wonderful of days.


Laura Doyle said...

Your Sundays always sound so nice to low key and relaxing. Since I'm a class A procrastinator, I always cram everything I was supposed to do all week but didn't, into Sunday. Or I don't but then feel guilty. ; )

Alas, I've never been to Paris although I dream of it as well. Tangobaby sent me this little book in the mail with the prints I won in her contest. It's called Markets of Paris by Dixon and Ruthanne Long. If you are dreaming of Paris and have the means to get this book, it is awesome. Information AND eye'll find all the off-beat places a normal tourist would not.

And about clay...guess I don't know about that. Sorry. I guess the rest of my Sunday will be spent running errands, baking bread, preparing a place for seedlings to grow, and hopefully working in some outdoor time (although it is just unnaturally cold out right now).

I hope all your Sunday luxuries bring you much bliss and happiness! : )

Annie Coe said...

Starlene-It sounds like you have a wonderful day planned, even if it is busy.My Sundays are designed to be relaxing as I get every thing done in the week, so I can play.
Thanks for the tip on the book, I will check it out.

Unknown said...

Sundays off are my day for Pilates with my favorite instructor and the rest of the day involves Advil every four hours.
Loved each and every day spent in Paris, but two of the standouts were the Rodin museum and, unexpectedly, the military museum. Went because my boyfriend wanted to see it, but it really was very interesting. When you enter, it looks like the opening scene in Sleeping Beauty--you know, with all the banners?? That's an attention getter.

Unknown said...

ah...Sundays, always the best. wake up late, have a late some gardening and hang out with the kids. Thanks to you, now I am wanting Sunday :D

mermaid said...

The Louvre. On Sunday I was at my nephew's hair cutting ceremony. My daughter was the big sister extending well wishes to him:)

Kelly said...

My favourite thing about Paris? In the courtyard in front of the Louvre, sparrows will take bread crumbs from your hand. That you can buy a fresh baguette on any street.