Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am excited today as I am going with best friend J to the home and studio of another friend J. He is a worker in clay and he makes large, fantastic sculptures. Now that I have been working in clay I know how hard his sculptures are to make and I am amazed by them. I want to see how he does it and perhaps learn a few tips. Tomorrow is set aside for making some more mugs using the tips I learn today. If all goes well I will have more photos to post. And if he will let me I will show you some of J's sculptures. Have a wonderful Saturday! What are you up to today?


Unknown said...

More photos...YES!!!
Grocery shopping and errands. Must get off computer first:>)

Laura Doyle said...

I have a friend who now lives far away who was very fond of ceramics. It's far more complicated than I ever imagined. I do hope your visit went wonderfully and you learned a few tricks. : )

Spring was here today! I awoke to robins singing for the first time this year and our nuthatches from last year also returned today. I went grocery shopping, made vegetable stock, made beer, did yard work, and went for an evening walk. Now I'm just enjoying the warm breeze blowing through the open window. I love spring. : )