Friday, March 22, 2013

What I have been Doing

What could be more interesting, or in the end, more ecstatic, than in those rare moments when you see another person look at something you’ve made, and realize that they got it exactly, that your heart jumped to their heart with nothing in between.

—Robert Motherwell
This is what all artists want I think, to see that their work speaks to others, but in the end it has to speak first to the artist. I have been busy, drawing mostly and having received two packs of micro pens from my good friend M for a recent birthday I am obsessed with sepia pens! I am nearly finished with a new piece and will be posting it soon. My work is changing at such a fast rate and has been for the last year. I feel with these collages I am combining all that I love and it is exciting and so very fun. Color seems to have vanished from my work for the time being, but I know it will resurface. I just know I have to go where the work takes me and I always do. What have you been doing? XOXO


lynne h said...

this quote is *absolutely* true!!

happy creating, annie... ya know i'm creating here..


Annie said...

Lynne, it is wonderful when it happens. I can see you in your studio now :-). xoxo

soulbrush said...

What a fabulous quote, hope you don't mind if I copy and paste it to my facebook page. me? art art art art...ha ha never been so happy in my life.

Judy Shreve said...

That's one of my favorite quotes! Visual performers have an immediate audience response - visual artists are waiting and hoping for that (very) connection with each piece.

Looking forward to seeing your new work - how exciting to feel and explore the changes . . . .

Annie said...

Jossie, paste away :-). I am over the moon for you! You deserve it.

Annie said...

Judy, yes it is a magical moment when it happens. Thank you, you are always one of my most supportive Blogger friends and I appreciate you.

Jos said...

Its true Annie that your work is changing and evolving at quite a rate ... and yet there is such a "you-ness" about it. I still think I would recognise your work anywhere no matter what form it takes. There is a depth to your art you know ... I love the little trails of lines / dashes which always remind my of small footprints or star paths depending on the context. So yes, your work speaks to me ... I see glimpses of your heart.

Oh Annie, I missed your birthday I guess ... blimey some friend huh? Tell me the date and I will write it in my diary for next year. My memory is NOT to be trusted ;)

Love you Annie xoxo Jos

Annie said...

Jos, You made me tear up. I have been feeling that no one gets my work, that I am not good enough, these worries sometimes keep me up at night, but you getting it makes up for the others not getting it :-), My birthday is Saint Patty's day March 17Th, no worries I tried to forget it myself :-). Love you too. xoxo