Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Collage

This is a new 12" x 12", as I was saying in my last post a friend sent me a package of micro sepia pens and I love them, so I did some drawings on tea stained paper, usually I do a venetian plaster background, but when I got this board out I loved it's golden tones which of course you can't see at all no matter what I did, but trust me it is a sweet light honey color. The rest is very close to the real thing, but the camera washed out the golden and made it a boring light off white.Blah. I will have to try again on another day for a better photo.
This piece is all torn, stained tea and rust and the sepia pen with cold wax, that is all not a lick of paint.
I always love to here your thoughts and I have a question: I am thinking of giving an on line class using venetian plaster and collage, would any of you be interested? It would be very affordable. Not sure what it would look like yet, but first want to know if any artists out there are interested at all. If you are please let me know in your comment. Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO


Judy Shreve said...

Love the neutral palette and your composition is beautiful as always! good new direction!
Spring and summer are difficult times for me to take a class. I'm so busy with my garden and outdoor stuff, I hardly have time for my own studio.

Annie said...

Judy, Thank you. I am not sure when I will have the class, it maybe Fall or Winter, I may have two, and I plan on giving plenty of time to do the work, I just need to know if there is an interest. xoxo

CERULEAN said...

Wonderful piece and use of materials, collage tea and rust!

Annie said...

Cerulean, Thank you so much for the kind words. xoxo

Lori ann said...

ooh this is SO pretty annie, i think i love those micro sepia pens! maybe someday i will teach you how to knit and you will show me how to paint. :)

lynne h said...

wow annie, this is beautiful... you're such a good drawer!! i love the drawing, the collage, everything... (as usual)


Annie said...

Lori, Thank you, I would love that, I
wish we lived next door :-). xoxo

Lynne, you made me laugh because I think I stink at drawing, though I love to do it. Thank you for your sweet comments. xoxo

sukipoet said...

Interesting combination of papers and pen. unable to take a class right now but it sounds interesting.

if i use google chrome as a browser i can see the words, at last

kj said...

That is a black cat in this piece!!!

Your colors are so pleasing, Annie. This is a beauty. Including that verdant happy tree

Plaster is not my calling; I am micron pens, water colors and or colored pencils and rarely at that :-) but I wish you well in teaching; maybe locally too?


becky said...

Hi Annie,
love that you are always up to something new here & glad you are having so much fun doing it.
yes, i thought i was going to get up that way last week during spring break, but i had to pick up some extra shifts at work instead. now i can almost make ends meet... sort of. now it is back to class & work, so i am not sure when i'll get up there, but i'll keep in touch.
glad you had a nice birthday!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely piece Annie. I love the colours and the tree is amazing!

SIGrid said...

How I like your collages (and your CATS, Annie.
I saw other pieces in TaosMountainStudio and I like your experiments with different materials. Great!

Houseelf said...

There is something almost tribal stretched skins but with a flowing life in them. Beautiful natural palette.

Sorry I think venetian plaster would be beyond. I am still trying to get the hang of paint.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Annie, what a beautiful collage, I love how you draw over it's pieces, and especially the tracks...