Thursday, March 7, 2013

Raven's Dream

This is a new collage called Raven's Dream, I have started a new series and it will be ravens and wildlife, not sure what all I will be drawing, but probably rabbits and deer and all manner of bird. The back grounds satisfy my love of abstraction and the animals satisfy my love of animals and drawing. This piece is a 12" x 12", venetian plaster, oil, rust, tea, ink, graphite, paper  and cold wax on cradle board. This painting will be making it's way to my ETSY site in a day or so. If you click on a photo and then click on it again after it opens you get a great detailed view.
I always love to hear your thoughts.
This piece will be tumbled.
Happy weekend.


Annie Jeffries said...

I love your backgrounds. Love the color choices. The thin black lines give depth and interest.

Judy Shreve said...

Annie - love this piece - the composition, the natural/earthy color palette, the abstract elements combined with the detailed drawing of the bird --- can't wait to see more in this series.

soulbrush said...

Very interesting piece. Never would've thought that the black works with these colours, but it sure does. Happy PPF.

Annie said...

Annie, Thank you. xoxo

Judy, Lovely comments, thank you so much. xoxo

Joss, Black goes with everything :-).

kj said...

The natural tones and earthiness of this and other recent pieces just pulls me in and takes me to a place where form and function meet in the same spot. Does that make sense? I really like the tea bag parts so much. And this new raven.

Abstraction, animals , and drawing. YES Annie. A pleasure to the eye and heart


Mim said...

i love the circles - the brown color is gorgeous, how did you do those?

it's a wonderful piect

Annie said...

Kj, I do understand, though I am not sure what function it provides :-).
Thank you for the sweet comments. Love.

Mim, Thank you, I did the circles with rusty bits and tea, left it over night. xoxo