Monday, November 12, 2012

New Tea and Rust Drawings

It has been slow going, getting back into doing my art. Drawing seems easier right now than painting and I am being kind with myself and not pushing.
These are my newest tea and rust stained drawings. I add ink and in some cases oil paint to my tea and rust stained tea bag drawings. The tip top is a drawing on tea and rust stained paper the rest are on tea bags then glued to art paper to make them more stable.
I have included a close up under each piece. You can also enlarge for a better view.
Since Christmas is fast approaching I thought I will have a sale in my ETSY shop. 10% off all pieces, just type in CHRISTMAS when the coupon window comes up during checkout. I will be adding these drawings to my shop in the next week, but if you should want one just email me (email address on my side bar) and I will reserve it in your name.  My prices are very low on the drawings, 20-59 dollars, I have a large range of paintings too, 25-675 and every price range in between.
It is hard for me to market myself, but one has to at least attempt it :-).
Always lovely to hear your thoughts.


lynne h said...

oh my, love these annie... they make me want to get the teabags out right this instant! have been thinking about using oils on them...


kj said...

you've painted ENERGY! how very cool, annie!

the red splashes against the tea bag backdrop is brilliant!

nice going, girlfriend :^)


Annie said...

Lynne, you do such wonderful work, can't wait to see.xoxo

Kj, Thank you darling.xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

There's something magical about your teabag pieces Annie. The marks and symbols are so right for the aged effect you've created.

yoborobo said...

Hi Annie! You know I always feel like I am looking at some ancient language when I look at your work. That there is a message, and I need to look closely and think about what is being told to me. I think these are 'watchful'. Maybe they're telling me to watch. :)) Beautiful work as always! xox

Judy Shreve said...

Annie - these are fabulous! I love the lines and the colors against the tea bags. They do feel ancient.
And how smart of you to add a lower cost item to your etsy shop for Christmas sales!

Annie said...

Robyn, Thank you, I never think about it, I just do it and if it works out I am happy :-).xoxo

Pam, Very wonderful comment, I love that they make you think.xoxo

Judy, Thank you, I like to make my work affordable to people who are not rich, even I could afford some of my work LOL. xoxo

angela recada said...

I just love the gorgeous simplicity of these, Annie! Your simple black lines, and those touches of red and white. Wow! You inspire me in so many ways.

Laura said...

annie these are gorgeous!!! wow! I feel inspired... I miss making art with my hands... maybe one day they will decide to coordinate with my eyes again... anything is possible in this world. for now I am deeply grateful for my camera and how it allows me to come so close to the world as it breathes shadow and light.

Lori ann said...

annie these are wonderful, i want to decorate a home in these colors.

sukipoet said...

fabulous. care to do a post on creating rust stains. i have tried and failed a number of times.

Annie said...

Angela, thank you sweetie, you inspire me too. xoxo

Laura, Thank you. Yes, andything is possible and I am wishing this for you.xoxo

lori, Thank you sweetie. xoxo

Suki,I will do one for you Suki, next time I do it I will photo each step. Stay tuned.

Houseelf said...

Beautiful work Annie. Yes marking oneself has to be up there with the hard jobs. It is easier to sing another's praises than one's own. You are so talented.