Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pattern and Snarl

I was very moved by this poem by Amit Majmudar, thought I would share:

Life likes a little mess. All patterns need a snarl.
The best patterns know how best to heed a snarl.

Every high style, every strict form was once nonce.
The best way to save a snagged pattern? Repeat the snarl.

Eden used to snow in fractals, rain in syncopated runs.
Adam never imagined he would hear its seedlings snarl.

Tug the wrong thread, and your wool sweater vanishes at once.
Death pulls at a wisp of us—and just like that, it’s freed the snarl.

What is it about order that we love? This sense,
Maybe, that a secret informs the pattern?

Is it a toddler’s joy in doing things again?
Is it the entropy in us that warms to pattern?

I never intended this line to rhyme on again again.
Then again, sometimes it's the snarl that adorns the pattern.
Amit Majmudar



Jos said...

"... Death pulls at a wisp of us—and just like that, it’s freed the snarl ..."

I like this bit particularly Annie ... the thought that death can be seen as a "putting right" of things if you know what I mean. A freeing of a snarl, yes I like that thought.

I hope you are doing OK Annie, grieving is such a strange process to go through. Sometimes I wonder if it's because we can't figure out what we feel as much as wondering if it's OK to feel the way we do.

Gentle loving hugs to you. xoxox Jos

annie said...

Jos, I am just going with the flow, if I feel like crying, I do, but I also laugh and have joy. I talk to mom a lot and it helps keep her close. I like the whole idea of the snarl, but I like this bit the best too. Love you, hope your mom is doing okay. xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

I like the idea of freeing the snarl too .... releasing the tension.All life has a rhythm so it's not surprising that most of us like the pattern and the order. Glad you are going with the flow ....

angela recada said...

This is a wonderful poem on many levels. Life certainly seems to like a little mess. Or a big one.

I'm glad to know you are beginning to find some joy and laughter in things again, dear friend. Thinking of you often.

Hugs and love,

Lori ann said...

snarl is what my wool has been doing recently, i like when it does not do that. but dear annie, this poem is not about that, but what you are feeling. it has moved you and that is a special and treasured thing.

Annie said...

Robyn, I love both the snarl and the pattern. xoxo

Angela, Thank you sweetie.xoxo

Lori, when I have a snarl in a painting or drawing it often leads to the best ideas and paintings, not always fun, but if I keep going it has it's rewards.
Perhaps that is not so with knitting :-). xoxo

Anonymous said...