Monday, October 29, 2012


I took some of these photos from speeding cars, so pardon the blur. I also took many more photos of my family, but I did not get permission to show them so the only person here is me, looking miserable, but trying to smile, I am after all at the beach! It is however very cold and raining and I have 3 layers of clothes on, but I got soaked anyway, walking along with my brother P was awesome just the same.

Other photos include a wonderful crow that let me get so close I could have touched him, buffalo, and many sights as I traveled around Oregon to see family and last, but not least this is Dotty my brother J's dog. There were many other darling animals (hi Gemma and Max and Buster), but I did not think to take their photos. Silly me.

I miss everyone horribly, but I am happy to be home and to have sunshine again.

Bella did beautifully at the kennel by the way.


kj said...

gosh you look cold in that picture! i'm glad you were able to be with your family at such an important time.
i have never been to oregon and i like seeing your glimpses of it,

glad to know you are back home feeling the sun. and glad bella did well!


Annie said...

Kj, I was cold and very wet! Thank you for your love Kj, it means the world. xoxo

sukipoet said...

looks like a beautiful place. glad you had this time with your family. the doggie is darling. and yeah for bella bet she was glad to see you home though.

Annie said...

Suki, She was mad at me the first day back, but warmed up pretty fast :-).xoxo

Houseelf said...

Welcome home Annie! There are some photos of me like that on holiday soaked to the skin but in shorts because it was a holiday. LOL

So glad you caught up with a lot of relatives and got your day at the beach. It was so right for you to be there, just as it is right for you to be at home now.

Kate P said...

Wow. Looks very cool but also very wet! Welcome back!

Laurie Wambaugh said...

We sure had find in spite of everything! I miss you!
Your sis, Laurie

Laurie Wambaugh said...

Good grief, if I could type! Let me try again!

We sure had fun in spite of everything! I miss you!

Your sis, Laurie

(That looks better!)

Annie said...

Laurie, I miss you too! And yes, we did find ways to have fun.
Let's TALK soon. Love you.xoxo

Lori ann said...

aw annie, so glad you had this time. your photos were great, i love those drive by ones. i hope you were able to warm up after the beach!

Annie said...

Hi Lori. I have been thinking of you and your daughter in NY. I will swing over to your blog and see how things are...xoxo

becky said...

That first photo looks like Cannon Beach. Good to see your Oregon photos, Annie. You look cute all bundled up on the beach. I love how there is no horizon line... beach & sea & mist blending into each other.

Annie said...

Becky, Good call, it is cannon beach :-). xoxo

Lynn Cohen said...

Glad you got to go to Oregon. I was just there too, but where did you find that buffalo?? We saw them in South Dakota and Wyoming, but not in Oregon!

Thanks Annie for you recent very sweet note on my blog, it's much appreciated!! ;-)

angela recada said...

I love your photos Annie! And I'm so glad your Bella did well.