Saturday, June 23, 2012

Things I Love

Because of the heat Bella and I have changed our daily walk and we now walk down a dirt road near my house. There is shade and it is a bit cooler, it is a lovely walk, these are just a few things we see on our walk and I am loving it.
I don't do well with the heat and it rarely gets this hot in Taos (95), plus my house gets the sun during the hottest part of the day and air conditioning is not something we have due to the fact that we never need it.
Because of this fact painting has slowed and video watching and reading has accelerated :-). I thought I would share a new love, Timothy Olyphant, this man has it all, talent, looks and to top it off he has been married to his college sweetheart for 21 years, I am impressed by that alone. I have been renting all his movies and TV shows. He is currently in "Justified". Check him out here.
I am still painting though just not as energetically, so I will have some work to show soon. I got news that I did not get into the first juried show I applied to, but I still have two in Taos to enter.
Though Summer is not my favorite season I am loving the long days and salads and the shade.
What are you loving these days? Happy Weekend! XOXO


mermaid gallery said...

The dog walk is one of my favorite times of the day as peaceful and is when i do my best to do that the grey and gloom of more rain...i will send you some rain if you tell the sun to head north for awhile. We desperately need a little heat!!!!paint on ...but enjoy the respite as well!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love that butterfly in the bushes.
Sorry about the show you missed, but another comes along and the right match of judges and your work will be appreciated and the wins will start flowing to you I have no doubt. It's such the luck of the draw! But you are very deserving! Fingers crossed. xoxo

yoborobo said...

It has been SO hot here, but recently cooled down (thank goodness!). I adore Timothy O.! And I am all for walking in the shade and salads and keeping cool. xox

Barbara/myth maker said...

Some very nice finds along your walk. How is Bella doing these days?
We just had a heat wave here in NY..with the "real feel" of 100-105. I am hating it with a passion. Summer is my least favorite time because I can't tolerate the heat.

Hey, good luck in the next juried shows, hope you get in.

Annie said...

Hi Susan, I would gladly switch with you, I am telling the sun to go visit you soon!xoxo

Lynn,Thank you. You can only try and they never tell you why you were rejected which is hard.xoxo

Pam,Glad you got cool and I knew there had to be a few of you ladies who liked Tim :-). I am slow because I don't have TV, but now that I am on to him I will see everything he has done. xoxo

Barbara, Bella is doing okay, we have had a few Bella dramas, but we take it one day at a time. The one good thing about this heat is that there has been no thunder, but that is the ONLY good thing, I hate it like you do.Ugh! Try to stay cool. I have been carrying around a spray bottle with me and it helps :-).xoxo

Houseelf said...

Wonderful shots. I found that trying to take butterflies sent me mad! LOL Fidgety things!

Just tune your working to the seasons and go with the flow. Here we have floods nearby and more rain forcast. Good weather to sew in. :-)

Lori ann said...

ah annie, i do know how the heat can slow one down, i think taking it easy is a good idea. i have recently needed to use airconditioning (in africa and joshua tree) and didn't realize how necessary it can be. i hope you get some relief soon!

~Babs said...

Of course we couldn't survive in Texas without a.c.,,,our temps are triple digits now and will remain there-a-bouts until fall.
Taking it slow and easy only makes sense. Love that you enjoy reading, second best thing to painting in my humble opinion.
Hugs for Bella, and cool drinks from me,,,

Mim said...

Sorry about the show - but I agree with the others that something will work out with the other shows.
The heat here has been intense, but we are getting a cooling spell now which is welcome. Take it's the only way to survive intense heat.

ArtPropelled said...

We watch Justified every Tuesday night and of course Timothy is a highlight. So sorry you didn't get into the show Annie. Taking it easy in the heat is the best way to cope with it. Ugh .. I'm not looking forward to Summer.

kj said...

Hello Annie girl! It's good to have good reason to slow down sometimes, and reading and watching sounds just right. Boo to the jury: they were wrong!!!!

For some reason I don't like ac and I tend to sweat it out . Not to say that I would do that visiting babs or god forbid TRYING to hike with Lori


becky said...

Your new hiking area looks rather lush Annie. :) It was 96 when I was moving tonight at 5 pm & they say 99 tomorrow. It seems about 5- 10 degrees above normal for here... can't wait for monsoons.
Good luck on the Taos shows. I don't know if I told you, but I entered my Bear in a show.... it's a longshot, but hey, I always bet on the longshot. ;)
Stay cool... if possible!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Glad you found a shadier walking path. I don't mind the heat as long as I can get out of the direct sun.

Lubna said...

It is equally hot here as well, hopefully our monsoon season (three months of rain) will start soon. I love horses, so thanks for sharing the photograph.

pet store online said...

Good thing you had found a shadier part to have your walk or else you'd have suffered from heat stroke. I can't believe the heat we're experiencing right now. This must be caused by global warming.