Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspiration and Art Love

                                         Art work by Leonardo Drew (from De Cordova website)
I discovered this wonderful artist by visiting this lovely blog: Art in the Studio. I fell immediately in love with Leonardo's work. I would love to see it in person.
You will also see Nancy Natale's wonderful work if you go visit her blog. There is much to love and inspire.

 These broken stones are also inspiring me these days, and flowers and pods and shells and sticks, just about anything I am laying my eyes  :-).
What is inspiring you?
I will be getting photos taken of about 6 new pieces sometime this weekend. Stay tuned.
I also wanted you all to know that if I am not visiting or commenting on your blogs it is because my old computer is having problems, even though I have high speed it sometimes takes forever to load a blog or leave a comment. Sometimes it's fine, but sometimes 20 minutes for one blog! I don't have that kind of time, so please forgive me.
Happy Friday! XOXO


Kate P said...

I have seen so much art today! It's a very good thing. :) Happy Friday!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Those broken stones are oddly inspiring. I don't know what it triggers exactly, but something, you know?
I have a very slow "hi speed" internet connection, too, and loading my own blog is labor intensive. If I don't see you there much, I'll know why.
Thanks for your inspirations.

Lynn Cohen said...

Fun discovering the works of others. The stones are art too aren't they?
good luck with computer repair...we don't want to be disconnected. ;-)

Jos said...

I love the stone pictures Annie. I think when I see beauty in the brokeness of some things then I start to heal some of the brokeness inside myself ... well it makes sense to me anyway!

What has inspired me lately is skyscapes. The mixture of different types of cloud against the deep blue on a stormy/sunny day is just amazing.

Happy Sunday Annie! Lots of love xx Jos