Monday, October 31, 2011

New Painting (Finally)

16"x 16" venetian plaster and mixed mediums on board. Titled "Unfettered".

It has been a while and this is not the painting I have been struggling with for 3 weeks, this one I started a few weeks ago and just finished last night. Now I will go and finish the one that has be frustrating me, I finally know what I need to do :-). I have added many detail closeups so you can get an idea what is going on and if you enlarge you can see even more. My paintings really need to be seen in person to really see, but this will have to do.

Love to hear what you think.

In other news, Bella is doing well and knows how to heel and is getting much better with the cats, I left her for an hour today and no barking, no chewing and no harming of cats :-). I think in a week she will be ready to be alone for a few hours. We are both in training and taking baby steps.

I forgot about Halloween until today, but Happy Halloween!!!! I will be painting :-).



Lori ann said...

this feels sophisticated and modern, i love it. happy your in such a good painty place annie. happy halloween.
:) xox

ArtPropelled said...

Annie this painting is my all time favourite! I LOVE it... a lot!!So glad Bella is doing well. Our dogs learn so quickly with the right teacher. (Not sure that I am the right teacher:-)

Houseelf said...

Happy Halloween!
It reminds me of rock crystals in the raw, before they are cut into gems. There are so many facets to each part.
I kept looking and each time saw something else- wonderful!

Tracy said...

This has such great ENERGY! Wonderful all the meandering lines and the color harmony. I like the rich textures of the plaster. So much happening in this one! Love it! :o)

angela recada said...

There is so much wonderful energy in this piece, I can only imagine how wonderful it is in person. I love it!

I'm so happy for all of you that Bella is doing so well!

yoborobo said...

Oooh, Annie, I love it! I wish I could see it in person, because I know there is a 3D element that would pop. It reminds me of a slide under a microscope, where life is bubbling and moving and dancing. :) xox

Annie said...

Lori, Thank you sweetie.xoxo
Robyn, Oh, I am so glad you like it, and I think you are Digby's perfect teacher :-).xoxo
Melanie, yes, you are meant to see more each time :-0.xoxo
Tracy, Thank you so much! xoxo
Angela, So glad you like it! xoxo

Annie said...

Pam, Thank you darling, well at least you can leave comments on my blog :-).I am still banned from yours.xoxo

Suzanne said...

Wow! My eyes flew open when I saw it. I enlarged it and saw two faces, too. A woman's face outlined in the bottom right with the blue and a lion or man's face in the bottom left with the pink. I think I would be seeing something new every time I looked at it.

Lynn Cohen said...

Fun swings with yarn like lines that speak to me...the the texture look of it too...and those orange scratcy lines jump off the page. A fun abstract work that works for me. Very different from the art of yours I have.

sukipoet said...

unfettered is such a good title as that is the feeling i get when i look at this. the sense of freedom. it feels much looser than some of your other works. beautiful. i love it.

Annie said...

Suzanne, I saw the two faces just as you did, but of course I did not put them there :-).xoxo
Lynn, I am glad you like it, it is very different. I feel I am now just starting my painting career, after 35 years, I am doing the paintings I have always dreamed of doing :-). It took that long to find my center and my freedom voice.xoxo
Suki, Thank you so much. It is looser and that is something I have been aiming at for a long time, more free, more loose, I am just beginning! xoxo

kj said...

this looks like a roadmap to the inner energy of the universe!!!

it is so great to know you are doing what has waited for you all these years. what a feeling, eh?

i'm glad, delighted, happyhappy for you, annie. tsup!

becky said...

Hey Annie,
Like suzanne, I see the 2 faces... but I also see one in the top right. Wait, if you did not put them there, who did? :) It also makes me think of a map... oh, KJ thought that too!
I will have to check this out in person... but I think you'll probably make it down here before I make it up there!

Annie said...

Kj, Yes I saw the road map too and yes it is a wonderful, exciting feeling to finally be painting the paintings that I was meant to paint :-). Kisses back.xoxo
Becky, Well, I did put them there, but I did not make faces, I did not see the faces until I was all done, they just sort of showed up on their own :-). Hope to see you soon! xoxo

~Babs said...

The plaster lends itself so well to this work,doesn't it? All that yummy texture provides such great background for the loose gestural marks.
Paint on Miss Annie,,,I think you got your groove on!

Krista/Ruca said...

Delicious textures and depth in this! And so great to hear that you've hit your personal stride. Now we get to enjoy it too!