Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another New Painting

Close ups and side view as blogger will no longer let you enlarge (BAD BLOGGER!!)

12"x 12" "The Edge of Intent" mixed media on venetian plaster and board. I just finished another painting, but still have to varnish and I have 3 more in the works. I really must stop and make my Christmas list and start making cards. Perhaps I can just ignore Christmas, but probably not :-). I really am not a very got photographer, but I did the best with these photos I could. I always love to hear your thoughts on my work. Back to painting... Happy Sunday!!! XOXO


kj said...

it's an infusion of joy, annie!!

what soft easy lovely colors. what a pathway for these lines of energy to pass through.

christmas cards? oh dear god! am i behind already? :^) (yes!)

i am enjoying seeing how excited and proud you are of these new paintings. with good reason!


Lynn Cohen said...

Another dynamite painting, wish I was on your list as this would be a fine gift! ;-)

angela recada said...

Wow Annie! Wow! I love how more and more happy colors and marks are finding their way into your art. I can't say it any better than our dear kj did. All I can add is that *YOU* are an infusion of joy in my day today, too.

Annie said...

Kj, Thank you sweetie. Christmas always sneaks up on me! Not enough hours in a day.xoxo
Lynn, Thank you!xoxo
Angela, What a darling you are, thank you for you always sweet comments. xoxo

secret agent woman said...

There is something very soothing and also playful about that piece.