Monday, October 10, 2011

New Painting

This is a small 8"x 8". I finished it a week ago, but it has been raining so I just got this photo (I take all my photos outside now, as it gives the best light). I like the details of this painting better than the painting as a whole, so I may plaster over bits of it, this is the forth painting I have done on this canvas. I do that a lot and I think it adds so much to the finished piece. The new paintings are taking a while as I am bringing something new and since I don't really know what it is until I see it, it takes some work :-). I have 3 new paintings in the works and perhaps will have something to show next week.

Between blogger not letting me comment and the time spent painting I am sorry if I have not been around much. Painting has to be top priority right now :-).

As always I love hearing what you think of the work. Happy Monday! XOXO


marianne said...

I love this one !
They are getting better and better I also like the details, they could be a perfect painting on their own.

have a nice day♥

sukipoet said...

really nice textures. love the cracks and the peep through layers. glad you are in the zone with your paintings.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love those scratched lines!!!!
Lovely work, I am sure it will sell.

Lori ann said...

beautiful annie, i love the size, 8x8 is cool. your paintings are cool.

kj said...

the colors and crackles are fantastic. they make me want to jump off and into somewhere refreshing. (that is strange, i know)

you are creating some very wonderful art, annie. i hope you are revisiting galleries because this work is damn good


Unknown said...

Wonderful painting looks as if its been painted on wood :)

angela recada said...

I love the energy of this one! All the layers and marks and textures are really exciting.

It seems the Universe is giving you a sign that says "PAINT!" by not letting you comment on blogger.
I'm glad you're listening to the Universe, because you are creating some amazing art!

becky said...

While it looks quite finished to me, I can understand that need for going back & changing things... I do it too, though not w/ painting, LOL. Love all the texture & crackle going on.
Are you headed to Santa Fe any time soon?
It turns out my family is coming next week.
Sooooo, eventually I'll make it up your way!
Glad you are well,

Laura said...

these are beautiful Annie! How did you know I needed a hug today?...and right in the moment you sent one? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i do like this one!
it looks like a traffic signal in the rain to me... a very romantic image.
THANK YOU for admitting you are also having trouble commenting! some of my favorite blogs have a certain type of form and it refuses to let me comment. it deletes it then a red box comes up and says "comment cannot be empty"
aaaggghhh! i've tried to start a new account and it won't let me.
drats. at least it's nice to know i'm not alone in it!
tammy j

secret agent woman said...

I like the details, too, and all the interesting textures.

Joe Madl said...

i love the poetically tactile nature of your paintings! the cracks and crevices draw me in...whisper quietly...invite closer inspection! fabulous!


Mitchell Pluto said...

love your new Annie!

Tracy said...

Hello! I found my way here via Melanie of Houseelf Doings blog--and glad I did! LOVE your vibrant painting--the richness of textures and all the lines... this one sizzle! Very much enjoyed a visit your Etsy shop too--wonderful variety of work you do. Your paintings have terrific energy and flow. I am also a multimedia artist. I paint, make jewelry, play with fiber... and love kitties. My cat Charlie is a sometimes visitor at my blog. ;o) Great to meet you!