Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kitty Update

I know you all must be wondering what is happening with the kitty, she is gone. I wish I could say I found a home for her, but after a week of trying my best I only had two calls about her and they did not work out. I called the shelter and they took her yesterday, they seemed so much better equipped to care for such a tiny kitten and to find a home for her. She is very adoptable.
I struggled with the decision for 3 days, but asked for a dream and guidance and got the go ahead. It was just getting too stressful for me and Zoe, Max was okay with her, but whenever I let her out of the bathroom, Zoe would attack her and when she was in the bathroom she cried constantly. She was not meant for me and this I knew. I know she will be fine and sometimes I have learned you have to take care of you. This is the seventh cat I have rescued since I have lived here and the first one to go to the shelter. I have rescued 5 dogs and one of them went to the shelter, so my record is pretty good. Please pray for little Tiny that she finds her forever home soon. XOXO


Lynn Cohen said...

Some lucky person will take this kitty and love her I have no doubt. You did your best! And yes your track record is impressive!

marianne said...

0.There is nothing wrong by bringing them to the shelter. Maybe she will find a permanent home there sooner as they have contacts and people who want a kitten go and look there.
You just did the right thing
Not every animal that lands on your doorstep is yours.
You did the right thing for her.
Too much stress is no good for you and your own animals.
Now you enjoy the peace and quiet again♥

Lori ann said...

what you did was with love so it was the absolute right thing.

Annie said...

Lynn, Yes, i think so too.xoxo
Marianne, You said the exact thing I needed to hear, thank you.xoxo
Lori,Thank you and hugs.xoxo

Unknown said...

I am sure a kitten as cute as Tiny will find a home.

I am enjoying your new paintings! The textures are so intriguing. Yes, those shapes are appealing, aren't they?

Silke Powers said...

I am sure this little kitten will find the perfect home and be loved and spoiled!! Now, I must say I LOVE your new art. LOVE!!! Tell me more about venetian plaster - that looks like something I must play with ... Hugs to you!!! Silke

sukipoet said...

kittens are so often adopted right away, they are so cute. you were so kind to bring her in for a time.

Silke Powers said...

Thank you, thank you for the explanation of Venetian plaster. Might have to try that - I'm such a texture junkie. I think it would be right up my alley... Hugs!!

Suzanne said...

Thank you angels for finding a loving home for sweet Tiny. And thank you Annie for the wisdom to listen to your inner guidance. I suspect there is someone who wanted a kitten and was going to the shelter to give her a home and this loving Universe knew it was the best place for her to be found.

kj said...

proud of you, annie. xoxo

i love your explanation to silke and i love knowing how one talented person (you) may influence another talented person (her) in blogland.

your recent work is at another level, annie. something is really clicking.


Annie said...

Karine,Yes, circles and ovals are my favorites :-).xoxo
Silke, yes, try it, you will like it! Hugs back.xoxo
Suki, I sure hope so.xoxo
Suzanne, This was the feeling I got too,that she would be in the right place at the right time.xoxo
kj, Thank you so much for your kind words, I feel a giant shift and it is still happening :-), kisses. xoxo

angela recada said...

You did the right thing Sweetie. She is such a little cutie, she'll find a loving forever home in no time.

Houseelf said...

I'm sure she will find her forever home soon. You can't help every thing or one forever, you can often only help them over the current hurdle. :-)

~Babs said...

You're so right,,,this kitty is VERY adoptable.
My daughter just adopted one very much like her.
I think Calicos are very popular. I know I'd have taken in the little one my daughter adopted,,,but we have called a halt to having any more. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.

Kate P said...

The Cat and I will remember Tiny in our prayers tonight, that she will have a good new home.

soulbrush said...

Oh yes she will be just fine and will soon be abdored and cherished, you did the right thing!

ArtPropelled said...

You gave it your best shot and it didn't work out but I'm sure the right person for this particular kitten will come along. As Marianne said people know where to go when they want a kitten.