Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sneak preview, Thank you, and What's been going on...

The top photos are new vases I made, under glazed and bisque fired, they will look very different after I clear glaze them and have them fired again, they will look like porcelain. I wanted you to see them though as I really love them and had so much fun making them. I made them weeks ago and have not done art since, so TODAY I am making more, finally I have a bit of time.
The photos of the bag are a lovely present that the very talented Melanie made for me, this is the second bag she has made and they are a big hit at the grocery store. She also tucked a lovely lavender sachet she made inside, sorry I did not get a photo of that. Thank you Melanie, I love it and I love you dear girl.
As for other news, Zoe is getting on well enough with Max, she and Spike had some hissing going on and Spike is a bit afraid of her, but I think it will be fine in a few days after they get more used to each other. It went much better than I thought it would. I actually think that there may be a bit of romance between Max and Zoe :-).
And now for something completely different, I never said anything about it, but a month ago I started a weight reducing program, no sugar, no bad carbs and I have lost 12 pounds! I really only wanted to get back to where I was 4 years ago, after gaining about 8 of the 30 I lost back then, but I am really liking this life style change and I plan on staying on it forever. However, I think life is to be lived, so I do allow myself little treats on the weekend or when I go out to eat, but I won't buy bread or pasta for a long while, also no chips, I eat nuts instead, lots of veggies and fruit. I feel ever so much better and this time I am doing it for me, no one else! Really I don't need to lose any more, but I want my body to be lean, not skinny and I think it will just level out soon. I just wanted to share.
I am off to play with clay, have a WONDERFUL weekend. XOXO


ExtraO said...

Good for you! And I love that first vase.

Houseelf said...

Congratulations on the healthy weight loss and that the inrtoductions went so well.

Glad the bag is useful.

What lovely vases. They are almost like white velvet without the top glaze. I hope they re-fire ok.

Houseelf said...

OO forgot to say that if my blog isn't updating for you, uninstall me then resubmit me and that seems to do the trick.

Marion said...

Love those vases! They would go very well with the spoon I got from you, Annie.

Congratulations on changing your life style in the food department!I'm glad it works so well for you!

Silke Powers said...

Beautiful - all of it!! Love your little vases (I LOVE mine!!) and that bag is so fun looking!! And good for you for losing the weight! I need to lose a little, but I'll wait until it's not so cold anymore... Love, Silke

Lynn Cohen said...

All pretty things here. Annie I am having difficulty reading the light white on the red background. Old eyes here.!

Suzanne said...

Your clay pieces are so playful, colorful and just plain fun! And Zoe is absolutely gorgeous. The cats are getting along pretty well for the first introductions. Congratulations on finding a way to eat that supports your energy and feels so good. I love all the good news and wish you even more. Blissings, Annie.


becky said...

Hi Annie!
Your new vases are so much fun. Your work is always so playful & happy! Glad the kitties are adjusting to each other. 12 pounds? Wow! (well, I told you you looked great!) That bag is super cute... do I see Dagoba hot cocoa in there? I was hooked on Dagoba when I was living in Ashland. Happy Sunday Annie!

angela recada said...

Your vases just keep getting better and better. Those circles are especially gorgeous! And I love how you and your cats are all settling into a new way of life together.
As soon as I'm finished hibernating up here in the frozen north, I'll try to follow your healthy example and cut out most sweets and carbs. It won't be easy - I do love (a bit too much!) all that good bread and all the other things I should avoid. But you've inspired me!

Melanie's bag is fabulous! As are you! You sound happy and healthy and content, and that makes me happy, too.
Love and hugs,

Annie said...

EO-Nice to see you :-).xoxo
Melanie-Thank you sweetie, your bag is more than useful, it is beautiful!xoxo
Marion-Yes, I think all my pretties go together. Eating right has always been a struggle for me, I love sweets and bread, but it feels good this time and I think it will stick :-). xoxo
Silke-Thank you! I am glad you are liking you vase. Winter is a hard time to change your diet, but it felt like the right time for me, so I went ahead and did it. Love. xoxo
Lynn-I know, it was hurting my eyes too, though I loved the red, I changed it just for us. xoxo
Suzanne-Thank you darling, always wonderful to see you, I hope you are doing well. xoxo
Becky, Thank you! I think I lost about 4 pounds since I saw you. Did you get my email? Sometimes I think they just get lost in the cosmos. Happy Sunday!xoxo
Angela-Thank you sweetie! I always love it when you come as your comments are always so wonderful. I am feeling good and now that I have heat and the furballs are getting along, I can breath again. Love and hugs, xoxo

Annie said...

Becky, P.S. Yes that is Dagoba Hot cocoa! it is my treat on the weekends and I am addicted too!xoxo

marianne said...

A lot of good things going on now for you!
The vases look great!
Zoe will be fine with the others I think , The introduction is very hopeful.
And you have lost weight, you have reached a goal and feel good about it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend;)

Laura said...

so much fun! I L♥VE these!

studio lolo said...

Wow Annie, congrats on all fronts...a healthy way of eating, wonderful new items and kitty harmony!

What could be better?


Lori ann said...

So much good here Annie! i love the vases, i hope to be able to treat myself to one of your creations soon. and wonderful on the healthly self love. it is always good to do it for ourselves, you are so right.
i hope you had a great weekend!

oh! and i love that bag too!