Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update on The No Heat Situation

Still alive here, though still very cold. They say we won't have our heat back until Monday or Tuesday earliest and that with another cold front coming in tomorrow, not that 26 is warm, but better than -17. I also learned that it is not about Texas and the Super Bowl, I was only repeating what I had heard all over town, but today I got the real story or at least the story they are telling. Because Texas got cold and turned on all their heaters, they had an electrical blackout, which effected the oil pumps which then got air in them (this is all Greek to me) which is what has caused all the problem, not lack of oil. So now they have to turn off all the heaters to fix them and then turn them all back on which is taking a long while.I have never heard of this happening and a friend told me tonight that he finds it very odd and is not sure if he believes this story. I don't know, I just want my heat on. Many people here are fine as they have wood burning stoves and fire places and many of the rich people in town run on propane, so it is only some of us who are dealing with this. One thing I know for sure is that I have good friends who have offered me to stay with them, but my furbabies need me and I have too many to drag around. We are making do. It is strange how something like this makes you realize how easy we have it most of the time. I have no heat and no hot water, that means no shower, that means heating water up to do dishes, it is surprising how long it takes to do my dinner dishes now. You have much less time for anything other than survival needs to be met. I would never have time to make art if I had to live like this all the time. Mostly I want to just be under my covers. Mornings are the worst because these little heaters are not safe to leave on when you are sleeping, so it is freezing when I get up, which makes you not want to get up :-). But get up I must. I am still healthy and safe and so blessed to have a roof over my head. I really think about the homeless people and animals that have to live out in this cold. I don't know how they do it.
All in all I am doing okay, stressed, but okay. I am trying to get around to some blogs everyday, but it is hard to work in the time, so forgive me if I seem to be absent. Happy weekend. XOXO


Anonymous said...

Annie, I hope you get heat soon. From news I've read, it is true that Texans all started using too much electricity at once because of the cold snap. Texas has been experiencing rolling blackouts because of that. Some oil refineries, natural gas fields and processing plants were effected.

New Mexico ran out of natural gas, which allowed air to enter the lines. There is now gas, but people are NOT to restart their own heaters because the lines have to be purged first. So you have to wait for the professionals to restart the heaters, which is taking a while.

They now have the National Guard, pipefitters and all sorts of people helping out so you don't have to wait as long, I hope!

Annie said...

Kelly, you explained it so much better than me :-) I am not at all surprised. Thanks. xoxo

kj said...

oh annie, i know what it's like to lose heat, but not for so many days like this/ how uncomfortable you must be. i hope everything is solved by monday. when i've lost power, you are so right that everything changes in perspective and importance. are you staying somewhere warm during the day? is our little coffee shop warm? :)


Lubna said...

Times of crisis show who your true friends really are. I am glad you are surrounded by warm loving friends.

marianne said...

OMG Annie what a situation! Terrible.
We are having stormy weather her and for days the pet door is blowing open so it is rather cold in the house......but this is nothing compared to you. I don't like cold or a cold house but to be without heating in this winter must be a disaster.....
Indeed it could always be worse like homeless people and pets.....
Lucky that gorgeous black lady (?) found shelter in your bathroom. It would have been very hard to survive for her otherwise.
Hope the situation will improve soon for you!
Sending warm hugs your way♥

Annie Jeffries said...

I'm floored by this, Annie. My sister lives in Texas, in Byron/College Station. She hasn't mentioned anything about lose of heat so I guess her area is not effected. Praying for Monday for you rather than Tuesday.

Jos said...

Oh I do know how this feels! When I lived in the caravan I used to have to go outside in the morning to defrost the gas canister valve just so I could turn on my little heater! No power, no water, no nothing except a leaky roof and a 2 tiny duvets! Oh boy I don't know how I made it through winter that year. I know you'll make it through too Annie. Snow drops are already out here which means that Spring will be along ... OK not exactly soon but hopefully not so very far away either.

Porridge helps. Somehow it's better than soup in that it keeps you warmer on the inside for longer.

Love you Annie, I hope you are managing all right. xx Jos

Marion said...

Dear Annie, I've been thinking of you. No heat has to be the worst...all the rest, like no electricity, etc. can be dealt with, but when one is cold it is the very devil to deal with.

I hope you'll get heat on Monday...this whole thing is really unbelievable to me. Hang in there, dear friend!

Annie said...

Kj, our little coffee shop closed 3months ago :-(. It made me very sad. Really the only time I can have the little heaters on is during the day, and I must be here as they are a fire hazzard. Also the oil people have to come and turn on the heat and you have to be home when they come and we have no idea when they will come, so I must stay home at least for the next two days. I am cold, but fine really, it could still be worse, I could have no water at all, what a blessing the water is! Must count the blessings...xoxo
Lubna-You are so right, I am very blessed! xoxo
Marianne-If I can come up with the money to have her checked out I will try to keep her, she is so wonderful and she looks a lot like Sjimmie :-).Thank you for your dear well wishes.xoxo
Annie-Many people are not effected, and my mom who hears about everything did not know about this before I told her, it is strangely being kept out of the news, or perhaps they don't think it is news worthy...Thank you for your prayers. xoxo
Jos, How did you do it?! I am managing, I am going to have a good day today heat or no! I love you too. xoxo
Marion, Thank you sweetie for your lovely words and prayers.xoxo

Laurie said...

Hi Annie,

I pray you get your heat soon! I admire your courage and spirit through all you are going through. I'm not sure I would be a strong as I'm a real wimp when it comes to the cold. What is up with the Texans anyway! They need to share more, if you know what I mean! Take care and drink lots of warm tea or cocoa. Love you, Laurie

becky said...

Hey Annie,
yes, lots of different stories are going around, so it's hard to get to the real truth. My sister-in-law had heard about it in Calif, so it is somewhere in the news. It is scary to think... if we lost gas because of 3 days of sub zero, what would happen if we had a bigger storm/colder temps. It seems to be a very fragile situation... our life on this planet. I do hope your gas gets turned on Monday... we've got cold temps on the way... back to subzero on tues or wed. Stay warm dear Annie. I'll be home today if you feel like chatting.

deborah from collagewhirl said...

Wow, you sound so courageous Annie! I've only had a taste of no heat in cold weather and it is really hard to take...Hope the repairs happen sooner than expected. I'm sending you some "warm" thoughts!

sukipoet said...

You poor dear. being without heat in winter is really awful. some people up here went 3 weeks w/no electricity/heat etc a few years ago in the ice storm. Leave it to Kelly to be on top of this story. I was puzzled how texas could influence NM. Although I guess they touch borders. Hold on, help is coming through.

Houseelf said...

Don't worry about being absent dear Annie, just stay warm. Our boiler keeps tripping the house so we hav asked for one of the plumbers who installed it to come. It's 12C at the mo so we are ok. So sorry to hear that you still don't have heat. Do you have a thermos flask? If so when you heat water, fill it too so you have some hot water for a drink or to use to wash a mug/plate during the day. It might save some time.

angela recada said...

Hello sweetie. Everyone else has already said so much better than I can what is in my heart and thoughts for you. I hope with all my heart that you have heat and hot water again very, very soon. It does put everything into perspective, when you lose such a basic comfort that we all have come to take for granted.
Love you,

mermaid said...

May Mother Earth shower you with gifts. Well, maybe not shower. Maybe a warm fire?

Silke Powers said...

Dear Annie,

I was hopping over here happily to tell you that I got the goodies you sent me from the giveaway and how absolutely thrilled I am! And then I find out you've had no heat, intermittent electricity and car trouble!! I am so sorry to read about this, but I can hear you wonderful and positive spirit through it all... I also sent you an e-mail yesterday, which is probably in your spam folder again!

Keeping you in my thoughts!! Love, Silke

xxx said...

Annie I am very sorry to read of this suffering, but I'm glad to read that it will soon be in the past as it can be repaired.

Stay safe... and keep as warm as you can.
Lucky you have those lovely pets to keep you company and lift your spirit.

Good things are coming xx Robyn