Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animal Wednesday (It's a Girl!)

Zoe is a female, like I thought. She is healthy, YAY! She had her vet visit this morning and in 3 weeks she gets spayed and has the rest of her shots. She took it all like a trooper, a little growling and hissing, but really she was very good. So tonight I sequestered my big boy kitties in the bedroom for a couple hours and she explored the rest of the house and met Zeus my wonderful dog. She growled at him, but it all went without incident. I will do the same for the next two evenings, then Saturday I will introduce her to the big boys , one at a time and keep my spray bottle handy in case a fight breaks out. I am so grateful for the feral cat friends who paid for the vet bill. I will get a better photo of her soon, she does not like the camera, but she will get used to it :-). Happy Animal Wednesday! XOXO


Houseelf said...

Hello Zoe, lovely to meet you.

I hope the pack integration goes well Annie.

Mim said...

Lovely! Glad she's getting acclimated, what a lucky cat

sukipoet said...

she's beautiful. im so glad she found a new and loving mommie.

angela recada said...

I'm so happy for you both! Zoe is gorgeous, and such a lucky girl to have you for her new mommy. I hope all goes well when she meets the rest of the boys.
Love love love,

becky said...

glad everything went well w/ Zoe. Such a blessing that her vet bills are taken care of. Yes, she looks just a little shy w/ the camera. :)
talk soon.
:) happy thursday!

marianne said...

Congrats on the girl!
Hope the boys will accept her!
You are such a great kitty mom!

Unknown said...

Great makeover blog Annie and good to see you and the animals doing good :)

mermaid said...

Your love and care for her is so evident. You will be richly rewarded, though it may not seem like it now.

Lori ann said...

she is so lucky to have you annie. and i'm sure you feel the same way. makes me want a kitty too!

secret agent woman said...

Great news about Zoe.

xxx said...

Oh she is beautiful!!!
I know you are going to have a lovely time together x

Jos said...

Zoe is one of my all time favourite names. Isn't she a beautiful cat, such a sweet little face. I hope the boys are welcoming.

No parcel yet Annie, but it is called snail mail for a reason! I'm sure it will be along any day now. It's always worth the wait anyway. More than worth it.

Love and hugs from here. xx Jos