Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vases in the Raw

My little bud vases are now glazed and being fired as I type, I will be getting them on Tuesday and if they make it I will share, but thought I would give you a look at them, raw before they were fired or glazed, you can get a little better look if you click on the image and enlarge it.
I have been very busy this week and more social than usual and then there is the book (see post below) so I have not posted for an entire week! I am at the moment waiting for venetian plaster to dry, I did a painting and did not like it, so I just plastered over it and now I am off to make a new banner for my ETSY site and of course read (I am on page 64 now :-). I love Sundays! Art day, relaxing day, catch up day. Love and hugs and Happy Sunday! XOXO


xxx said...

The vases look cute and naked.

It's sunday there and it is already monday here :)

robin-bird said...

happy sunday to you annie! those vases look like they have lots of character!

becky said...

they look so fun! of course i can't wait to see them glazed. sounds like a wonderful sunday!

studio lolo said...

I really like the short rectangle one. Nice!

I love sundays too. I did a raven sculpture out of paper first! Maybe I'll post about it, but he's in his raw stages too.

I hope you have Monday off too :)


Elena said...

These are looking good. I saw some of your art on Facebook and it's beautiful. Hope the stye is long gone. And beautiful snow tracks. (Can you tell I'm playing catchup w/ your blog?)

angela recada said...

I adore your little vases! And your new blog background looks faboo too! Very Southwest - like rays of warm sun.
Love and hugs,

Annie said...

Robyn-:-).Love you. xox
Robin-bird-Oh so happy to see you!Thank you, hugs back!xoxo
Becky-They were, hope to post them finished soon!xoxo
Lo-I had today off too! So cool about the Paper Clay raven.xoxo
Elena-Thank you! Stye is long gone :-). xoxo
Angela-Thank you darling :-). xoxo

kj said...

my favorite is third from the left. best best best of luck in most or all of them making it in one glorious sound piece :)

sundays are my favorite.


Lori ann said...

Their so cute. It's hard to choose a favorite, I hope they ALL make it through the fire.

Have a great week Annie,

Unknown said...

They are very pretty Annie, happy 2011..and I have missed you much. sorry for being late..hugs/M

Marion said...

I hope they've been glazed by now and have all made it through. These vases are so cute with so much character, I know you had so much fun making them!

The Tusk said...

Very Inspirational. I se the patterns up close on the vases. Waiting for your post with the Glazing and colors bright.

Laura said...

they are lovely...can't wait to see them dressed:)