Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Animal Wednesday (Ravens!)

These ravens were in the grocery store parking lot. Finding junk food to eat. Aren't they wonderful!
Nothing going on here as I have a %#@!* stye n my eye. I can't see out of the eye and it makes it hard to do much of anything, what an irritating little thing it is! It makes it hard to see to type, so if I am not leaving comments on your blogs, you know why :-). Thankfully they only last a few days. This is my first and I hope the last. Happy Animal Wednesday! XOXO


Mim said...

I love the way they bow down and bob up and down.

sorry about your stye - yucko. They are painful and nasty and I hope yours goes away soon

~Babs said...

They are always just SO busy!
Great shots, Annie.

Hope the stye is soon finished with you,,they are awful!
Warm compresses help.

Lori ann said...

great photos annie! wow! you have snow too? everyone has snow but me!
i wish you could jump in the ocean, that would clear up that old stye! but yes, warm water compresses would work well.
good luck :)

becky said...

I am like the Raven... I eat too much junk food!
:) that should be a new year's reso- to not eat like the raven. Hope your eye gets better soon.

Annie Jeffries said...

How uncomfortable for you. I'm glad you spotted the ravens though and had your camera with you. They strut about. They really OWN where they are at, don't they?

marianne said...

HAW and Happy New Year Annie!
Great shot! I am sorry you atart the year with eye problems ;(
Take care and get well soon!

yoborobo said...

I love your ravens! I hope your eye gets better soon. I had one of those years ago, and they are not fun. xox Pam

studio lolo said...

hahaha!! Look at the strut on the third guy!! They just crack me up with their John Wayne swagger!

Icky styes...been there. They do clear up fast, but still what a pain to deal with.
I'm glad it's already better:)


Annie said...

Everyone-The ravens are so funny, I knew you would get a kick out of them.
Thanks for the well wishes, my stye is almost gone and I can see again! Such a little poopy thing, I did do the warm compresses and they did help.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are wonderful.

sukipoet said...

glad your stye is nearly gone. they hurt too. love the black against the snow.

Laura said...

love the ravens...I can't believe this is your first stye..I've gotten them on and off since I was little...they are annoying.

Marion said...

I haven't had a stye since I was young, but I remember how painful they are. Poor you, I hope by now it's gotten better, dear Annie!

The Raven is one of two birds that stays here over the winter. The other is woodpeckers of all's great to see them interact with each other. A lot of squawking...

secret agent woman said...

Cool. Our parking lots are filled with seagulls.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your eye. I hope it passes quickly so you can be creative again.

Thanks for the beautiful raven shots.

A little reading to inspire you.

angela recada said...

I hope your eye is all better again Sweetie!
Love and hugs,