Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deep Gratitude

Today I woke up feeling such gratitude. Thankful my mom is alright and that my brave boys Spike and B have bounced back and are still with me. Grateful for a roof over my head and enough work to live. I can clap my hands for glee over all my new art projects like Artshine , and a zillion other ideas I have floating around in my head. I am happy to be living in a place of such beauty and sunshine. I am most thankful for my health and for my body that carries me around without much complaint.
Today I have a wonderfully fun day planned of art. First I will be completing my page for my traveling book, something I have never done before and I am excited, then I am working on my large 48"x48" painting that has been waiting patiently for months while I played with porcelain instead. 12 hours to do nothing but art, bliss.
What are you thankful for today?
Love and hugs, XOXO ♥


kj said...

annie, if i could be any happier for you today, i would fly into the sky!

i am happy that my heart is learning to bounce instead of break!

(copycat! aren't they fun?!)

Annie Coe said...
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Annie said...

Kj, You are my darling soulsister.
I am glad your heart is bouncing too.
I love the ♥ :-).

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

So good to hear, so nice to feel I helped a little, so nice to have a new year beginning with hopes and "bounce" as kj put it.

I have 3 tasks to complete today-shampoo the carpets in the master and hall and stairs and then that'll be done; unpack from my trip 2 weeks ago and iron...then it's dinner and a movie here at home, oh and a hot shower!

Annie said...

Teri, You are one of the main reasons my B is still here, that and me and my intuiton. Spike had the vet and of course me and the fluids, but B only had us and without you I could have never done it. Is he 100 percent, no, but he is eating well and he seems happy. Thank you my dear friend.

angela recada said...

Isn't it a blessing to be able to count your blessings, no matter how small or large they might be?
I'm so glad to read that your mom and kitties are doing well! And I'm also glad I stopped by to read about all the art you have planned! Oh, the previous post about collographs has my fingers itching to try that soon, too!
Enjoy your art-filled day!

Hugs and love,

Renee said...

Today I am thankful for the best commenton my blog. Girls certainly are braver than bats.


Lubna said...

Annie, coming to your blog, just gives me a positive boost.

I am having slight health issues, but apart from that am grateful for so many things.

1) A nice house, in Mumbai, which we finally managed to get after a real long search which often had us tearing our hair in despair

2)The sea view from my office window - I love it

3) A meeting with a potential client which I so wanted - it is on Monday - so please pray

4) Mum is more cheerful and up and about. Checkups are due -- another prayer requisition

5) Gradual acceptance at work of my new role

6) Friends, tons of them, including blog friends

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie - You're loving energy fits in so well with the creative Artshine family. I'm being easy with myself today going from one thing that interests me to another. I want to learn more about drawing and got a wonderful beginner book from the library yesterday. I feel inspired and am having fun. Lots to do! I'm so glad everything is going well with you and those you love.

Unknown said...

Always, even in the darkest times, there are things to be grateful for,

Anonymous said...

I hope you had/ are having a lovely time with yor Art Annie.

Unknown said...

Hi ya Annie, I am glad you are feeling positive..nothing like all those good vibes to start a new year..hope that 2010 will be a fab year for your. Kisses