Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Animal Wednesday

I have not joined Animal Wednesday, but occasionally I like to participate.
The first photo is Spike and Max, middle is Mr.B and Zeus and last is My little B, he is so thin because he has been very sick, he used to weigh 19 pounds! He is on the road to recovery and is begging for food now, all the time! Spike has been sick too, but he is doing great now.
Zeus however is showing signs of confusion and bewilderment and I think it is senility as he is very old. It makes me sad, but he still lights up and becomes himself enough that it is not time
say goodbye. Max is Mr. Healthy, he is also very young, the newest kid on the block.
Happy Wednesday. XOXO ♥


kj said...

annie, i just love seeing animals close to one another like this, especially cats and dogs.

you have a beautiful family.

Unknown said...

Happy Wednesday too Annie, animals do makes us very happy...I do know, when I had the buns..everything is cuddly, furry and fun..except poop cleaning :)

Anonymous said...

They all look so happy and contented. There's nothing quite like the love of an animal greeting when you have been out.

angela recada said...

How content they all look! These are such sweet pictures of your precious furry family.

I've been staring at the photo in your previous post, just drooling over the mountain scenery. I adore New Mexico! You are so lucky to have such spectacular scenery all around you.

And I'm so glad you've found your bliss again! It was always there, just waiting for you to be ready to discover it again.

Hugs and love,

sukipoet said...

sweet companions

Lubna said...


Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

So happy about the kitties...snatch joy, as a blogging friend says!

ExtraO said...


Kate P said...

They're such little fuzzy sweeties when they are asleep. And I never noticed before how symmetrical Mr. B's face is. How handsome.

Renee said...

No into the arms of god cannot be a hard thing at all.


Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful babies. I miss having animals in my life.