Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, but the older I get the less fun it is. That is probably my fault :-).
I was invited to a party tonight, but I have been in creative hermit mode and I declined.
Porcelain has stolen my heart and that is what I will be doing, glazing my first porcelain pieces.
I will venture out for a bit though as I love seeing people dressed up. I hope you have a lovely and sweet day, what are your plans? xoxo


Suzanne said...

Hi Annie,

I have been very aware that it was coming up, but was so focused on what I wanted to do today that I forgot it was Halloween. I think I'll just have my own fun! Wishing you a fab time with your porcelain. I'm diving into writing myself. <(oo)> Woohoot!

Yoli said...

Hi sweet Annie!

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween! Go out girl! You are young, enjoy!

sukipoet said...

no plans for me. not one to go out on Halloween. to me, it's for kids. and Im not a big party person not that I have been invited to one. Have fun w/your wheel.

Annie said...

Yeah, having your own kind of fun is what I am talking about, to some it is a party , to some it is porcelain or writing :-).
Yoli-Young, did you say young? 53 is not old, but not young! I have been to many parties and you know I hardly ever have real fun. We all define fun in different terms.I am staying home with my porcelain :-).
Suki-I don't do parties in general, unless they are small dinner parties, those I love. And I don't use a wheel, all my ceramics are hand built, which takes much longer, but to me is much more satisfying and unique.

Unknown said...

We will hand out candy,
for a while...
but I have spent the day painting...small canvas, personal, and quiet.
My children are all too old for the holiday so I really have little to offer...smiles.

kj said...

porcelain has stole your heart?

that sounds very wonderful.


ExtraO said...

I am a fan of Halloween too. Not every year can be costumes and candy corn though. Enjoy your art day!!

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

I feel about Halloween like you...every year think about dressing up and never do...but wanted to see some costumes and people this year so pushed myself out...sat next to a nice couple and we chatted a lot..but the band was bad, the drinks not strong enough and I came home smelling like cigarettes...but at least I did something, that's something, lol