Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday! Yes!

Finally it is clay day. I thought it might never come after 5 days of working. I am very grateful for the jobs, but I missed my porcelain :-). Don't worry I am not going to do another post about clay. Rather I want to talk about how we so often stand in our own way. I realized that the reason I don't make my living doing art is because I don't fully trust it nor do I perhaps feel deserving. I am working on these issues. I pulled a Zen card the other day that said
"He who stands in his own shadow and wonders why it is dark". Says a lot and I am listening.
Not that I am in the dark, but I do so often stop my own success by the negative thoughts and beliefs I carry around. I have also realized that you have to treat yourself how you want to be treated, so I am giving myself a bit of down time and letting myself just be today. Float about a little and read, watch the birds. But first to the kitchen to play with clay! Tell me dear ones how you are being good to yourselves this weekend. Happy Sunday! XOXO


Suzanne said...

I like your insight today and your joy in creating, Annie. I had a wonderful insight this morning when I woke up and today I have just been doing exactly what I feel like doing exactly when I feel like doing it. No goals. No to do's. No shoulds. Just kind of sauntering through the day. Not anything anyone else would notice looking on from the outside, but I feel very happy and contented.

Wishing you joy and beauty in your life, ~Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Rainy day here. I stayed in. Casually drew two new critters, drank tea while watching movies on TV.

Have fun playing and don't be so critical of yourself or your art.

Unknown said...

It is absolutely correct Annie, those negative thoughts sometimes are too powerful than we wish them to turn them into lots of positive and happy vibes as I am confident you will do well soon. Hugs.M

ExtraO said...

Oh, what I would give for a day to just be. :-)

Renee said...

Annie have no doubt in your abilities are yourself. I believe in you and in me completly.

Love Renee xoxo

Kristin said...

It's not just negative talk but fear that hinders our prgress. Letting fear go is easier said than done, but it's nice to read about you practicing doing that.

Renee said...

Dearest Annie you are so darling.

Yes that would be fine to donate the print back, but you see Tessa has many and she just like me would be more pleased that if you win if you keep it.

Love Renee xoxo

mermaid said...

I love that zen card. Says a lot for me, too. May you stand in the sun with your shadow behind you.

Anonymous said...

Well my weekend unfortunately was spent flat in bed -back pain. I managed to upload my promised Sunday post of the Christmas Wish block and that was my achievement. LOL Now I am finally catching up with you. I am glad you had a lovely relaxing time. I think it gets your brain thinking creatively.