Thursday, May 14, 2009


I took these photos at my friend J's house. Though common, Ravens are my most favorite bird.
That is all for today :-).


Suzanne said...

I love ravens and crows, too. They are so intelligent and cheeky.

Wishing you a beauty of a day, Annie.

ExtraO said...

Great pictures!!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Dearest Annie,
I looked up in my Ted Andrews book about ravens. (One of his books is "The Animal-Wise Tarot.") Raven is associated with The Devil card in the Tarot deck but this is not a bad thing. A powerful thing! The raven is a shapeshifter and represents "light in the dark." The raven is a bird of life and death; of magic and mysticism.

He says, "When raven appears it is time to bring some light into the darkness, wherever it may exist in our life...Doors are opening between worlds...things are not as they appear. Raven tells us not to put our faith in the things of the material world.. encouraging us instead to focus on our spiritual goals. Ravens are also playful and excellent tool users. Ravens speaks of opportunities to become the magician or enchantress, point us to us that if things are to change, it must be up to our own efforts.

Well, my friend, there is much more. I hope you find this of interest. Raven reminds me of the ever-changing, ever-faithful artist in you.

I love when animals show up in our lives this way. I am certain they carry messages from beyond if we are willing to see them.


Erin Davis said...

Great photos!

I'm done with final grades and ready to proofread/edit your book when you are. Email me and we'll make arrangements! :0)

Kate P said...

Very cool photos!

Annie said...

Jan- Thanks for all that info on the ravens, I knew some of it, but not all.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Such clever birds too.

Raven in Charles De Lint books is a founding creature of the universe in Native American folklore