Friday, May 8, 2009

A little bit about handbuilt ceramics.

I have been thinking about clay and glaze and lilacs. There are several lilac trees in the yard next door and I just filled my house with them. The smell is so wonderful, I can't get enough :-).
I finished glazing two bowls and while I did that this week I thought a lot about why I prefer hand built over wheel thrown ceramics. I like the quirky way hand built ceramics look, slightly off, not perfect, lots of personality. There are some potters out there who make their hand built work look perfect, and I wonder why they do it. If I wanted perfect I would buy something made from a factory. I adore all the hand built work I see that is odd, or lopsided. I love seeing the hand of the artist in the piece. That is why I decided to make hand built ceramics. Yes, it takes a lot longer than wheel thrown, but I think the difference is worth it. No offense to wheel thrown pottery, it takes a lot of skill and many wheel thrown ceramics are lovely, I just prefer things that are a bit off :-). Any potters out there? What kind of pottery do you all like?
Happy Friday. XOXO


Kate P said...

Hmm, I am torn. One of my favorite pieces (that I made) is one that has a wheelthrown base and is hand-built on top. I guess it depends on which aesthetic you prefer?

sukipoet said...

I like both. but the only pottery i have made was handbuilt and i loved the process too. i dont think i could do wheelbuilt a it is so fast. i like many crafts for what you have said: seeing the hand of the maker in them.

Lubna said...

I was thinking of your Mum today - am sure you have wished her a Happy Mother's Day. Tell her your blogger friend wishes her too.

Annie said...

Kate P. I think half handbuilt counts, it still shows the hand of the artist :-).
Suki-I actually love to do the wheel, I just like the effects of handbuilt better.
Lubna-That is so sweet, I will pass the message along :-).