Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another award!

How fun is this?
I received this award
from lovely Jan over
at "Awake is Good"
I am to name 7 of my
favorite things and
name 7 other creative
Here is my list of
favorite things:

1. My animal boys. Max, Zeus, Spike and Mr. B, they are sweet and handsome and the loves of my life.
2. Art in all it's forms and all it's mediums.
3. Books, good, poetic, interesting books.
4. Movies, again, only good movies, I hate wasting 2 hours on a bad film.
5. Nature: oceans, forest, flowers, trees, all of it inspires.
6. Spending time with my posse, three men I love like brothers.
7. Last, but never least, making art! Painting, collage, ceramics, drawing and now writing. It all feeds my soul and I will do it even if I never make another penny from it. I do it because it is my bliss and joy.
Now for the awards:
1. Studio lolo, I have just recently found her, and love her work.
2. Sukipoet, I have followed this lovely woman for sometime now.
3.Erin Davis, this wonderful writer is a treasure!
4.Lisa, another soulful artist.
5.Paula Snyder, an artist that is also New Mexico, she does very happy work.
6.Melanie, This woman is a wonder and has many creative projects going at one time!
7.Xue, Another amazing craft person.
Happy Wednesday! XOXO


Mrs.Rotty said...

Congrats!!! thats awesome and totally appropriate for your blog!

studio lolo said...

Congrats Annie, and thanks for sharing it with me. I love your list of seven things! We could be twins. But you're the pretty one ;)

I have been blessed with this award in the past so I will just add your name to the givers if that's okay.

Lisa said...

Congrats Annie and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Morning Annie, thank you very much for the award. It is one I have had but I haven't put awards up on my blog since the new year re-vamp.

Congratulations on winning it yourself and thank you once again.

Unknown said...

Congrats Annie, much deserved..and I know both Melanie and Xue, both amazing crafters :P

Mary-Laure said...

It seems we like the same things, nature, books, art...

sukipoet said...

thanks for the award Annie. many of your fav's are mine too. be well, suki

XUE said...

Hey Annie! I'm writing to you while it's 6.30pm Thursday at your side & 9.30am Friday over here in Tokyo.
Thank you for the award!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Yes, our lists are very similar aren't they, except I have no pets. But I do have grandbaby dogs and a cat and I enjoy them so much! Congrats again on your creative self. :-)