Sunday, November 8, 2015

New Collage

A friend gave me a very large and long work table, it is great as it folds up and can be hidden away when not in use. Last week I got it out and set it up in the middle of my living room. It has plenty of space for tons of collage material to be spread out on and that is exactly what I did!
I have been working on two large and time consuming projects that I will share at some point, let me just say there is a lot of sewing going on with teabags. I needed something more immediate to work on for a break, so with the table as my inspiration I began making collage. Here is the first one for the week.
It is for sale if anyone is interested just email me and I will give you more information and photos.
The price is 90 plus 16 shipping in the US.
I always love to hear your thoughts.
Happy Fall!!! I am really loving it as it is my favorite and only lasts about 6 weeks in Taos.


Sharmon Davidson said...

I just love what you've done here! Though somewhat different than your usual work, sometimes these quicker pieces can be just what we need to give ourselves a break and experiment with different techniques! Beautiful!

Annie said...

Sharmon, Thank you! Yes, I like being able to do a collage and have something completed in a day or two, I also needed a break to let my mind and heart wander more. xoxo

lynne h said...

this so pleasing to my eyes, annie... and yes to everything sharmon said. : )


Judy Shreve said...

Gorgeous! And how wonderful to have a (new) BIG table to work on!

Annie said...

Lynne, Thank you for the kind words. Love. xoxo

Judy, Thank you! Yes the table is a blessing. xoxo