Monday, December 1, 2014

Time Traveler

This is a new collage/assemblage, "The Time Traveler", 11"x 14", Venetian plaster, rice paper, ink, graphite, thread, teabags, rusted bits, cold wax , on cradle board.
This piece is going to the gallery next week, so if you are interested in it, email me for more information and photos.
I always love to hear your thoughts.
I hope you are all well.


Sharmon Davidson said...

Oh, Annie, I'm in love with this piece! It's beautiful!

Annie said...

Sharmon, Thank you sweetie. I found the little rusted body on a hike and fell in love it, it inspired the whole piece :-). xoxo

Unknown said...

this is awesome, some how I am transported to a time when I was in that area

Annie said...

Joey, That is wonderful to hear.
I love that it transported you to Taos. xoxo

Judy Shreve said...

This piece is truly wonderful -)

Annie said...

Judy, Thank you so much. xoxo

angela recada said...

Wow Annie! This piece is fabulous! xoxo

ZenDotStudio said...

something so rich about this piece. it captures ancient and found objects and mystery for me so the title seems so perfect. Beautiful piece.

Annie said...

Thank you sweetie. xoxo
Zendot, Mystery is one of my favorite things, thank you for the kind words. xoxo

kj said...

there is something wise and ancient in this piece. time traveler is a good name for it.

i hope you and that gallery are doing well together. i want that for you.


Annie said...

Kj, Thank you. My little gallery is great, they are by the famous church. they don't sell a lot, but the owners have become great friends and that is worth much more. Still looking for my big time gallery :-). xoxo

Houseelf said...

I like how you are experimenting with texture further with this piece. You are truly creating something new from found and invented parts and giving them meaning.

There is a portrait competition on TV at the moment. I thought of you when I saw portrait 10 in the link below.

It was done with stitchery and fabrics but creating textures.

Annie said...

Melanie, Hi! love your comments, I am really using a lot of thread and sewing right now and finding all sorts of fun things to do with it.
Thank you for the link.