Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Art of Tea

This is the best photo I could get on my own, the real color does not come out, but this gives you an idea, it is very yummy in real life. If you want to see the progression of this piece see my posts below.
47"x 47", 172 rusted tea bags sewed  together,Venetian plaster, oil paint, graphite and cold wax.
I have been calling it "The Beast" while I worked on it :-), but I needed another name, I grabbed a book and opened it at random, pointed to a sentance and it said "The Art of Tea", I am not making that up.
It is a perfect title since it was made with teabags! The Universe is amazing :-). If you click on the image then click again you will see all the yummy detail.
I love to hear your thoughts.


lynne h said...

ah annie, i love this... and the title is perfect. it *feels* like it should be 'the art of tea'!

what a beautiful accomplishment this is...


Annie said...

lynne, Thank you love. xoxo

ZenDotStudio said...

I love when that happens! Couldn't suit your piece better. I will go back and sip it more slowly. Thinking Earl Grey.

Annie said...

ZenDot, :-).xoxo

kj said...

it is so intricate, annie. you must be so proud.

i should hope it sells, yes? i hope that.


ArtPropelled said...

The art of tea .... makes me think of the Japanese tea ceremonies ...which makes me think of meditation.... which brings me back to your painting. Beautiful work, Annie!

Judy Shreve said...

This piece is just gorgeous!

Annie said...

Kj, Well, I always have help from spirit when I paint, so I have to share the pride :-). xoxo

Robyn, Thank you, it is a meditative piece. xoxo

Judy, Thank you sweetie. xoxo

Sharmon Davidson said...

The art of tea is a perfect title; the piece is so rich and meditative, with subtle layers, like the flavor of good tea... Wonderful piece, Annie!

Annie said...

Sharmon, Thank you! xoxo