Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Sneak Peek

Most of you that come here know I have been working on a large 47"x 47" painting, I finally finished it after 3 months of intense work, I still have the sides and some tweaking to do, but basically it is done. I have not taken it outside yet to get photos of it, but I took a few quick detail shots today.UPDATE: UGHHH, I can't get a good photo of this painting, I have taken it outside all around my yard and played with it in photoshop, I can't even get it close to what it really looks like. I fear I will have to either borrow a better camera, or get it shot by a professional, this could take a while. So for now all I have are these detail shots to give you an idea. If you click on an image then click again you will be rewarded.
I would love to hear your thoughts.


Unknown said...

when I wanted to make a photo of my mom's or my painting - i always had issues - lighting and shadows being the major ones...what i see is fascinating and beautiful

Annie said...

Joey, Thank you.
I have a light box which helps so much, but this piece is way to big to go in it, so I am struggling.
Also, I am not a member of google and don't want to be, so I am unable to comment on your blog, but know I look and enjoy :-).

Anonymous said...

I like this new version even more! Wonderful work.

Annie said...

Thank you! xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

I love this piece Annie!

Annie said...

Robyn, Thank you! I hope the wedding is going well! xoxo