Monday, January 13, 2014

New Art Project

It has been a while. I hesitate to say that I am better because the last time I did all hell broke loose. At the end of my antibiotics I had a major allergic reaction and got very sick, it took me 2 weeks to recover, then the sinus infection came back, I think because my body was busy fighting the antibiotics, but now I have just a little sinus infection left, it is better everyday, treating it with natural remedies. I am getting caught up with my life, and back to art. While I was sick I started a project that I could do from bed, sewing tea and rusted teabags together, I am making a large wall hanging that will likely take all Winter, the photos are of teabags already rusted. This week I am also finishing a painting I was nearly done with before I got sick, there will be photos soon. It feels wonderful to be back to making art, I get very cranky when I go too long with out it.
I want to start the year with gratitude for wellness, and friends, family and art!
I hope you are all having a Happy New Year, I have missed you. XOXO


kj said...

So glad to hear you are better! How many cups of tea do you drink a day? I appreciate that you appreciate these tea bags :-)

Judy Shreve said...

Good to see you working again. And so sorry you've had such a rough couple of months.
Looking forward to seeing your new art work.

Annie said...

Kj, I drink about one cup of herbal tea, so I hate to say, but the actual tea gets wasted, I don't drink it :-). xoxo
Judy, Thank you. xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

You really have had a tough time Annie. The tea bag project looks soothing. Hope to see more during the next few months.

Annie said...

Robyn, it has been tough, but much rougher for some, so I feel grateful.
Sewing the bags has been comforting.

Laura said...

so glad you are healing dear Annie… I love your project concept… it will be magnificent when it is complete… yet the staining, stitching journey is a wonder all its own!