Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Pendant

This is a new pendant in my ETSY shop. 19" long. I have a zillion earrings and things to photograph and list before next week as I will be having a Black Friday sale and I will also be featured in an article on ETSY sellers in Taos next week in the local paper, not sure what will come of it, but I want to be ready :-).
I am also working on a painting so don't think I am giving up on my true love.
Love your thoughts. XOXO


Annie Jeffries said...

So pretty. I was just visiting Etsy and admiring your teabags as well.

Annie said...

Annie, thank you so much. xoxo

kj said...

sounding and looking good xoxo


Lori ann said...

that's really pretty! good luck with your shop annie! we are not really going to exchange this year, i'm kind of sad, kind of relieved.

Annie said...

Lori, I know the feeling, I simply don't have money for gifts this year, except earrings for the girls :-), so there will be no Christmas for me either, but there is relief with that sadness. We can still give of ourselves. xoxo

kj said...

i am into christmas this year, presents included, but i also feel alone. it is a feeling that feels new to me in some way. it's mostly okay, interesting, even.

we travel though holidays in different ways and at different times. it's all real.

love again,

Annie said...

Kj, I love Christmas, but having no money for gifts is depressing, Yes I can give my art to some, but some don't like or appreciate it, so I will just have to give of myself.
KJ, why would you ever feel alone? You have a partner and friends and a huge family? I never feel alone, and I think I am blessed in this. I hope that you will feel less alone as the holiday nears. Love and hugs, xoxo